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Fully Contactless Guest Solution

2min read

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One common item provided in each of your guest rooms, that does not need dedicated resources, are hotel compendiums.

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium is the fully contactless solution your property needs.

This is possible by allowing your guests to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to access your property details/services and local area details via our mobile app and web-based solution.

Hinfo App Running on iPhone 11 on Couch

No Shared Resources Between Guest Changeovers

Prior to, or after your guest's check-in to your property, they can access our Hinfo service via one of many ways via in our app or website.

Each guest only uses their own preferred device, which they already bring to use during their stay and take with them on departure, leaving nothing behind.

Housekeeping Maid Wiping Down Electric Cooktop

Reduced Cleaning

Not having printed compendiums or in-room hotel tablets in every guest room, eliminates one of the many objects that your cleaners need to invest more time into thoroughly cleaning.

A mid-2021 survey by Salesforce, found that 78% of SMBs in the Travel & Hospitality industry plan to offer contactless services permanently.

Woman on Smartphone

Individual Guest Access

Your existing compendium solution likely gets shared around between most (if not all) guests staying in each room.

Our Hinfo service allows your guests to access details/services independently, removing the need for every guest to wait their turn.

Hotel Reception Brochure Rack

No More Brochure Racks at Reception

Many brochures your guests handle at reception are placed back in their respective slot for the next guest, with guests likely taking a couple of them back to their guest rooms.

Our fully contactless solution allows you to put all your brochure details into our digital solution, that goes everywhere your guests go with their own smartphones etc.

This also eliminates one additional thing for guests to carry with them wherever they go.

The smartphone your guests always have on them, also takes up less space (and potentially less weight) than carrying a single copy of each brochure you offer, everywhere they go.

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Digital Guest Solutions - Beginner's Guide

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