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Upgrade to a Digital Hotel Compendium in Minutes

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We recognize that some hotels may view converting to a digital hotel compendium solution is quite a daunting and lengthy process.

Here at Hinfo, we are always striving to find more efficient methods in all aspects of our products and services, that benefit your property and your guests.

With that in mind, we have designed our Hinfo Content Management System (CMS) to only require minimal effort during the initial setup, when integrating our Hinfo digital hotel solution into your property.

The Hinfo CMS is created to manage all of your property and local area details you want to provide your guests, along with accessing messages for our Ask Reception Guest Messaging service.

Now you may be asking, how fast is it to get setup?

With every property having a unique quantity and variety of details to provide to their guests, it is difficult to put a definite time on it.

MacBook to Type On

Every property has to provide us their property location details, contact details and if you want to use our Ask Reception Guest Message Service and/or provide details in multiple languages.

The Amenities tab allows your property to list property details for each room type. E.g. Air Conditioning, TV, Pool Hours etc.

To make it quicker and easier you can also provide us a PDF or Word Document for each room type, which contains the details from your current compendiums.

The Near Me tab allows you list local places and events you recommend your guests visit during their stay. During the initial setup, you only need to provide the name and suburb for each place and event.

The Local Services tab allows your property to provide details for the local airport, doctor, dentist, hospital etc. Just like for Near Me, you only need to provide the name and suburb for each during the initial setup only and we will fill-in the rest of the details for you.

We took it on ourselves to make sure your property only had to provide details for the bare minimum number of fields. There is no additional cost to request our property to fill in the rest of the details for your property before going live on Hinfo.

Initial setup is included in the cost to join the Hinfo service, which you can learn more about on our pricing page.

Hinfo brings several benefits over traditional hotel compendiums, including the upgrade requiring as little effort as possible to provide the exact details your property wants to provide to your guests.

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