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Upgrade to Our Digital Hotel Compendium in Minutes

6min read

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Here at Hinfo, we recognize that many properties have the view, that converting their existing guest compendium details to our digital hotel compendium, to be a lengthy process.

Our Hinfo service is structured to be as efficient as possible, when it comes to managing lots of properties on our service.

We are always striving to find more efficient methods in all aspects of our products and services, that benefit your property and your guests.

With the above in mind, we have designed our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) to only require minimal effort during the initial setup.

Our Hinfo CMS was created to manage all of the property and local area details you want to provide to your guests, along with accessing messages for our Ask Reception Guest Messaging service.

Now you may be asking yourself, how fast is it to complete the initial setup?

With every property having a unique quantity and variety of details to provide their guests, it is difficult to put a definite time on it.

Our aim for this blog post, is to give you a more concrete idea as to how long exactly it will take you to complete and the minimal amount of effort that is required.

How to Provide Guest Compendium Details in Minutes

After joining our Hinfo service, we will create a Hinfo CMS account for your property. After logging into your account, here are the steps forward to complete the transition to our digital solution.

1. Provide us your property and local area details

Woman Updating Details in Hinfo CMS on a Windows PC

Our service is broken down into several different sections, with some being required and many of them being optional.

Account Details

The page asks for details, including but not limited to:

  • Property Name and Address,
  • Contact Details, and
  • Account Passwords.

Almost every field in this section is required and should take 1-2 minutes to complete.


This section allows you to provide your preferences for colours and fonts used for your property.

You can provide up to 2 different colour choices and we will manually set for you the best way for the colours to be used together. If the colours clash too much and make button text hard to read for example, we will follow up with you, with our opinion on what will work best for your property.

You can also select the fonts and text alignment for the headings and details displayed in our app and website.


Your property can skip this section, if you intend to only provide English details to your guests.

You can enable additional languages here, to provide to guests from those languages that we support.

You can provide your own translations manually, or you can enable our Auto Translate service for each language, also from this section.

Auto Translate allows your property to provide details in additional languages, at minimal cost, along with minimal effort and it is just as accurate to translate, compared to hiring a human translator.

Ask Reception

Our guest messaging service called 'Ask Reception' is available on an opt-in basis.

This section will allow you to opt-in via a simple checkbox and optionally provide an email address, to be alerted when a guest has sent you a message.


The Amenities section allows for all of your property details and they can be manually setup for each room type.

When your guests enter your property on our service, they will be asked which room type they are staying in to make sure they receive the most accurate details. This step if skipped on the guests end if you only provide a single room type for all of your property details.

Major Time Saver: For each of these room types, you can provide us a PDF or Word Document of the details from your existing printed compendiums and we will enter the details into your account for you after submitting the initial setup to us. If each room type was for example, going to take you up to 30 minutes each to enter, this would reduce your effort down to a couple of minutes for all room types.

Near Me

The Near Me section allows your property to provide details on local places and events your property recommends.

You can provide a variety of details for each including but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Address
  • Website
  • Hours

Major Time Saver: For all places and events you want to list, you only need to provide the name and suburb for each (or search for a local place by name), and we will fill in the rest of the details for you, after you submit the initial setup to us.

If you were to provide just the name and suburb for 50 places, this will likely take you up to 30mins instead of a few hours.

Local Services

The Local Services tab allows you to list details on common services available in your local area.

These details include but are not limited to:

  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Hospital

Major Time Saver: For all locations you want to list, you also only need to provide the name and suburb for each (or search for a local location by name), where available. This will likely take you about 10 minutes instead of an hour.

In-House Restaurants

This section allows you to provide details on any restaurant, bar etc. you have on the premises of your property.

Your restaurants are the first buttons to appear in the Home tab, after guests select your property on our service and every-time they re-enter Hinfo.

This section only applies to those that have an on-site restaurant and can be skipped if this does not apply to you.

Emergency Details

This section lets you provide emergency contact details, which are always in the possessions of your guests, wherever they go with their smartphones etc.

You can list details for ambulance, police and several forms of natural disasters.

These details are optional but are highly recommended.

How to Submit the Initial Setup

When you have completed entering all of your property details, you'd like guests to see from the start, you can navigate to the 'Publish All' button, which is always accessible at the bottom of the blue navigation menu or side menu on mobile devices.

After submitting the details, we will complete the rest of the initial setup for you within the next 5 business days and will contact you when your property is live on our service.

2. Place the Promotional Material in every guest room and/or at reception

Hinfo Promotional Material at Reception and in Guest Room

This sheet/tent card explains how guests can access your details via either our mobile app, available on iPhone/iPad and Android, or alternatively via Hinfo.com.

In the documents tab of your Hinfo CMS account, you can download a personalized sheet/tent card template from our Promotional Material Generator to place in each of your guest rooms and/or at reception.

In a post pandemic world, this sheet is the most you need to provide in each guest room, which is significantly less to handle than a printed compendium, TV remote or hotel tablet and makes our service fully contactless.

3. Process your First Low Payment

Australian Money Notes

Our subscription model makes Hinfo for your property, far more cost-effective upfront and over the long term, compared to other solutions.

We recommend using the calculator on our pricing page to see how little Hinfo costs.

To compare how little our service costs compares to other solutions on the market, we recommend viewing our blog post on the reasons why Hinfo is built on a subscription-based model.

As you can see, our Hinfo service requires very little effort on your part, to transition over to our fully contactless digital solution for your entire property.

The setup process does take some time to complete, depending on how granular and thorough the details are that you want to provide initially. The unlimited information updates you provide after going live, will only take a couple of minutes each and is one of our major benefits over other solutions.

To get started with our easy to setup Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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