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Easily Accessible Guest Digital Compendium

Accessibility when it comes to guest compendiums, is not just allowing guests to access details independently wherever they are.

By definition, accessibility means "the quality of being easy to obtain or use".

This means designing a digital solution that adapts to all preferences by guests.

Included below are a few examples of how we designed our Hinfo service to be accessible to ALL guests.

Earth with Hello Written in 15 Languages Surrounding It

Translate Details Instantly in Up to 15 Languages

Hinfo includes a built-in Auto Translate service, that allows your property to translate your English details into any of the 15 languages we support.

This option is a small fraction of the time and cost to implement compared to manually translating details, while preserving the same level of high quality translations.

Our service automatically detects your guests preferred language set on their phone and displays the details in that language, if supported.

Easy On The Eyes At Night

Our entire service (app, website and CMS), supports Dark Mode/Night Mode which recognizes the preference enabled by your guests on their own devices.

Many people use this setting either all day, or on a scheduled basis between sunset and sunrise.

The last thing guests would want to see if they have this setting enabled on their own smartphones and tablets, is a bright interface.

Hinfo App - Amenities Screen - Dark Mode
Ricardo's Trattoria Listing in Near Me on iPhone 14 Pro with Abstract Background and Speech Bubble Describing the Cooked Pizza

Full iOS Voiceover and Android TalkBack Support

Both our mobile apps and web-based offering available to guests, are fully compatible with iOS VoiceOver and Android TalkBack.

This allows guests with a vision impairment, to be able to navigate through the Hinfo interface with voice feedback.

We have auto-generated (with manual review) captions for every image at every member property, which is also translated to each language supported with our Auto Translate service.

Dynamic Text Size For Improved Readability

27% of smartphone users, do not use the default text size.

The majority of these users prefer slightly or significantly larger text.

Our Hinfo app reads your guests device settings for preferred font size and reflects this in the headings, details and buttons displayed.

This is not possible with printed hotel compendiums.

Resort with Hinfo App - Amenities in 2 Text Sizes
Colour Smoke Abstract Image

Option to Reduce Animations

For iPhone and iPad users, our app reads the 'Reduce Motion' setting (similarly named by all various Android manufacturers).

This means many animations that appear in the app are immediately skipped, meaning alerts and screens appear immediately.

It is important to support this, for guests that are susceptible to motion sickness or similar.

Man using Hinfo on iPhone Outside

Digital Guest Solutions - Beginner's Guide

Learn more about our guest digital compendium and how it compares to other solutions on the market.

Please provide your email below and we will send you a copy of this free guide shortly.

We will not pass on your email to any 3rd parties.

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Hinfo on iPhone and iPad Tilted

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