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Cost Effective

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Cost should not be a major factor in your decision-making process, when deciding to upgrade your printed hotel compendiums to our digital solution.

We designed our Hinfo service to be cost effective for any property type and size, from a small bed-and-breakfast, all the way up to hundreds of properties in a holiday home group.

Money Coins Assorted

Few Cents Per Room Per Night

For single properties with any room count, our membership rate scales to your property size and breaks down to only a few cents per room per night.

When we originally designed Hinfo, our aim was to create an easily accessible digital compendium that addresses several major limitations of other traditional and digital solutions, while remaining as cost effective as printed compendium and in some cases even more affordable.

Money Notes

Low Upfront and On-Going Cost

Our Hinfo service is built on a subscription model to keep the up-front cost low and breaks is only a is only a matter of cents per room per day.

Unlike other traditional and digital options, these require a significant upfront investment in hardware or resources and can take multiple years (and in some cases decades), to breakeven with our Hinfo service.

Hinfo App on iPhone 13 Holiday Home

Membership Benefits

With membership options available on both an annual and monthly basis, your property can now adopt a cost-effective digital upgrade.

By becoming a member of our service, you will be joining the hundreds of properties already utilising all our features & benefits, while only paying for your share to run the service.

We understand our service is priced differently compared to paying for new printed compendiums every couple of years.

When you factor in the fact that digital solutions have on-going costs, our service contributes to streamlining your properties operations and payments are gradual over the long term, the difference is night and day.

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