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Guest Access Via Their Own Devices

2min read

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Every adult staying at your property has a smartphone and potentially brings additional devices with them, to use during their stay.

With the always connected world we live in, why not allow guests to use their own devices to access your property's compendium details and services?

Allowing your guests to use their own devices introduces a new level of portability, not possible via any other compendium delivery vehicle (traditional or digital).

Individual Access, Anywhere, Anytime

Can you name another hotel compendium format, that allows your guests to have individual access in their own time, outside of your guest rooms?

Our Hinfo service is a pinnacle turning point for the hotel compendium space, when it comes to the freedom of your compendium details/services, while still protecting your sensitive details.

Here are just a few use cases that guests can benefit from during their stay.

  • At the Beach or Pool Deciding on Dinner
  • Where to go for Lunch after Morning Activity
  • Always Accessible Emergency Contact Details
Hinfo Accessible Via App Store or QR Code

Multiple Ways of Access

Your guests can access your property on Hinfo, via any one of the following steps:

  • Search for our Hinfo app on the Apple or Google Play App Store on their respective device,
  • Scan the QR code on any of our personalized promotional material printed options, to download the Hinfo app from the respective App Store,
  • Advise guests to visit hinfo.com/findproperty to view your property on our website,
  • Provide a QR code to view your property on our website,
  • Add a tappable button on your Guest Wi-Fi login confirmation screen, and/or
  • Include respective links in your booking email confirmations.

We recommend including multiple ways of access listed above to guarantee the highest guest usage.

Xiaomi Smartphone with Google Apps

Guests Prefer Apps

Over 90% of guests accessing Hinfo during their stay, are doing so via our mobile app, rather than our website, when given the choice during check-in or prior to arrival.

This is not surprising, when you consider according to eMarketer, that people spend 90% of their time using apps on their smartphone each day.

This ratio for all industries, is likely due to a combination of several benefits that are only possible via a mobile app.

  • Better designed visuals to suit smaller multi-touch screens,
  • Offline Support
  • Very Responsive Interface based on device speed instead of relying on internet download speeds,
  • Reduced internet usage, particularly when viewing multiple sections several times,
  • Both Local Notifications and Push Notifications support,
  • Connect and sync data via smart accessories (including smartwatches),
  • Access all device components (including camera, microphone and face/fingerprint biometrics).

The Hinfo app works on almost all smartphones and tablets used regularly worldwide today (also including web browsers).

Assorted Finger Food at Outdoor Restaurant

Guests Individual Interests

There is no need for the whole family to huddle around the single printed compendium or hotel tablet in each guest room, to learn about your property's operations and recommended local attractions, including your restaurants menus.

Guests can look up local attractions to visit, as recommended by your property, while outside your property's premises.

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