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Bring Your Own Device

2min read

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Hinfo Bring Your Own Device

There are over 3.7 billion smartphones and tablets used regularly worldwide.

Why not allow guests to use their own devices, to access your property's compendium details and other services, connected to your property's operations?

Allows your guests to use their own devices introduces a new level of portability, not possible by any other compendium delivery vehicle, traditional or digital.

Guests can also use every internet-connected device they own, including smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.

Accessing Hinfo is also very easy via either our mobile app or this website via the 'Select a Property' button up top.

97% of guests accessing Hinfo during their stay, are doing so via our mobile app.

You can also provide a direct link to your property on our website, on the guest login confirmation screen after connecting to your property's Wi-Fi.

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