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Unlimited Information Updates with Auto Updates

2min read

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One of the biggest limitations for maintaining your printed in-room compendiums, is the excessive time and effort required to update content.

Hinfo eliminates the biggest part of this updating process, almost entirely!

Hinfo CMS on Windows Desktop PC

Update Details Easily

Upon joining our service, you will be provided a dedicated Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) account, to manage all details and services at their property.

After updating the details in the respective section(s), all you need to do is click on the 'Publish Updates' button from any section in your CMS account, click on the 'Publish Now' button from the preview screen and waiting for the loading bar to complete, which is only a few seconds (sometimes minutes if using Auto Translate).

Update When on Your Mind

Our cost-effective digital upgrade creates a pivotal shift for keeping hotel compendium details up to date.

You no longer need to shortlist all the changes you need to make, like when you were updating your printed compendiums.

Now you can easily login to your CMS account, update the details when on your mind and publish for guests to see, all in just a couple of minutes.

Hotel Apartment Room

Auto Deliver Updates to All Guests

The biggest bottleneck for updating your compendium details, is reflecting all these changes in all your guest rooms.

When your property publishes information updates, all your guests in all your rooms will see these updated details instantly on their device, the next time they use Hinfo during their stay.

In-House Restaurant with Hinfo App

Use Cases for Unlimited Updates

If you want to update pricing for Amenities, your In-House Restaurant etc. for the new financial year, this is now possible in am atter of just a few minutes.

We have all witnessed a spelling or grammar mistake in a hotel compendium. These are no longer an issue since you can correct these instantly for all guests/rooms in a minute or two.

If your property upgrades any of the appliances in each of your guest rooms/holiday homes, you can provide new operating instructions easily.

You can change the order of places and events your property recommends in the Near Me section, at any time. This can be done for advertising reasons that your property agrees to with local businesses directly.

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