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Benefits of Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium

Hinfo provides many benefits for properties of all types and sizes, including hotels, apartments, resorts, lodges, B&Bs, holiday homes etc.

Please click on each benefit below to learn more about our interactive and fully contactless digital solution.

Primary Benefits

Guests can access Hinfo via our mobile app or this website.

Allowing your guests to use their own devices, brings infinite more flexibility and improvements with communication, while also minimizing your operating costs.

Hinfo - Contactless Guest Solution

Fully Contactless Guest Solution

Hinfo - Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Hinfo - Sustainability


Hinfo - Privacy


Hinfo - Personalization


Hinfo - Minimal Internet Usage

Minimal Internet Usage

Hinfo - Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Increase Communication With Your Guests

Hinfo creates many new opportunities, not possible in any other format of hotel compendiums.

Deliver unlimited information updates, allow guests to message your hotel staff and all in multiple languages, which you can auto translate more cost effectively and efficiently.

Hinfo - Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Hinfo - Auto Translate

Auto Translate

Hinfo - Ask Reception Guest Messaging

Ask Reception Guest Messaging

Hinfo - Unlimited and Automatic Information Updates

Unlimited Information Updates with Auto Updates

Hinfo - In-House Restaurants

In-House Restaurants

Hinfo - Notifications


Ease of Access

Hinfo makes your property and local area information more accessible, anywhere at anytime in an interactive format.

Search for content via keywords, view local weather and the TV guide for your local area instantly. Access emergency details anywhere, along with instantly dial phone numbers and view webpages.

It is now easier than ever to provide videos to your guests, for promoting local attractions you recommend.

Hinfo - Offline Support

Offline Support

Hinfo - Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Hinfo - Local Weather

Local Weather and TV Guide

Hinfo - Instant Access

Dial Phone Numbers and View Webpages Instantly

Hinfo - Emergency Details

Emergency Details

Hinfo - Video Playback


Analytics and Feedback

Building on top of being a privacy focused service, we offer insights for how your guests are using our service.

View anonymous analytics of how many guests are using your service, including dialing phone numbers, webpages viewed etc.

Guests can also provide anonymous feedback on their stay.

Hinfo - Guest Usage Analytics

Guest Usage Analytics

Hinfo - Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous Feedback

Additional Benefits

Hinfo also delivers additional benefits including support for Dark Mode at night on the latest devices.

We also continue to improve our Hinfo service on an on-going basis, striving to achieve the best guest digital compendium on the market.

Hinfo - Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Hinfo - Continual Development

Continual Development

Man using Hinfo on iPhone Outside

Digital Guest Solutions - Beginner's Guide

Learn more about our guest digital compendium and how it compares to other solutions on the market.

Please provide your email below and we will send you a copy of this free guide shortly.

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