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Our Vision

To innovate software that delivers the best customer experiences, and which continues to extend the use of technology devices and platforms, marketed worldwide.

We see properties taking advantage of technologies such as Hinfo to improve their day-to-day operational efficiencies, as well as enhancing their guest service experience through streamlined communication and information delivery.

Our Hinfo digital hotel solution is at the cutting edge, ushering in a new world in the hotel industry.

A world where every guest can access details about the property and the local area in which they are staying at, along with communicating with reception, in their preferred language, anywhere, anytime.

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Our Mission

Develop Hinfo, the digital hotel solution, as the superior way for properties to communicate with guests during their stay.

We are on a mission to make sure every property has the best solution, for communicating with their guests in the most efficient and service oriented way possible.