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Auto Translate

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It is very likely that your property only supports English for your in-room hotel compendiums, due to time and cost constraints to support multiple languages.

With these limitations for existing compendium solutions, we were motivated to find a way to make supporting multiple languages more viable.

Auto Translate is an optional extra built into our Hinfo service, that allows your property to support multiple languages with only providing us your English details.

Auto Translate is designed to address 3 important area, including cost, time and real-time services.

Earth from Space with Hello in 16 Languages

15 Languages Including English

Hinfo supports all the following languages, including English.

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Malay
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Korean
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Indonesian

If you would like us to include a language for your property that we do not currently support, please let us know and we will accelerate its addition to the Hinfo service.

Minimal Cost

With manual human translations today, these are commonly charged at a rate based on word count, which is a disincentive towards providing in-depth multilingual details.

Our Auto Translate service is available for AU$4.00 + GST per language per month and covers all your details and services you provide to your guests.

This includes unlimited translations (subject to our Fair Use Policy) when providing information updates and are not tied to any word count.

As an example, we took one of our demo accounts with 6600 words that are translatable and the average rate calculate to AU$300 per language.

Without factoring in the manual distribution of these translated details, this does not include translating any information updates and would take 6.25 years of Auto Translate to break-even, per language.

Hinfo CMS - Translating Hotel Compendium Details

Ultrafast Translations

Outsourcing your translating to a human translator, relies on them to be available all the time, with no backlog of orders, to then complete your translations within a couple of days.

By making use of our Auto Translate service, you can convert all your property details during setup on a per language basis, in a matter of minutes, not hours, days or weeks.

When it comes to information updates, it will be only a matter of seconds per language, not hours or days.

Guest Messaging - Simplified Chinese Guest to English Management

Supports Built-In Services

Auto Translate is also built into the following services we offer as part of our standard membership.

Guest Messaging

Guests can send your property a text-based message via our 'Ask Reception' Guest Messaging service, in their preferred language. Each conversation is translated to English for your reception to respond, then translates all responses back to the guest's preferred language.

Food & Beverage Ordering

When guests place an order, their first name can be translated to English and any personalized comments you send back to your guests will be sent in their preferred language.

Guest Service Requests

When guests send a request for an on-site activity or additional amenities etc., their first name can be translated to English and any personalized comments you send back to your guests will be sent in their preferred language.

Property Feedback

If guests send feedback to your property directly and answers any questions with an open comment field, these will be translated to English before your management receives them.

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