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Guest Messaging

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Can we modify any previously sent messages to our guests?

Conversations with guests are deleted from our servers, when a guest taps on Leave via the Home tab or after 30 days, whichever comes first.

Can we receive notifications when a new message comes in?

Hinfo allows for email notifications to be sent to your reception staff, every time your guests send you a message.
You can assign any email address, by doing the following after logging into your CMS account.

Can we see when guests have read our responses to their guest messages?

The guest messaging service built into Hinfo, supports Read Receipts for both guests and management.

Do we need to keep the 'Ask Reception' Guest Messaging interface in the CMS, always open?

While it is recommended to keep the incoming guest messages screen always open on your reception computers, particularly if you received messages regularly, it is not compulsory.

How can we inform guests about responding to messages during office hours?

You can provide an Information Alert with details on staff availability to respond to your guests' messages.

How do we enable/disable the sound effect for incoming guest messages?

You can enable/disable sound effects for incoming guest messages via the dedicated settings screen in the incoming guest messages section.

How do we enable guest messaging for our property?

Ask Reception (Ask Guest Services for holiday homes) is our built-in guest messaging service.
Guest messaging allows both you and your management to communicate with each other in your own times and improves the level of communication received at both ends.

How do we setup an alternative login for our staff to view/respond to guest messages, separate from our whole CMS account?

To setup an alternative login for your reception staff to only use for viewing/responding to guest messages, please do the following after logging in with your CMS account.

How does our holiday home group view all guest messages at all properties?

Your management can view messages in the same way as a single property.
The difference is that the name of the property your guests are staying at, will appear alongside your guest's names and message.

Our property has an unread guest message, but we cannot see it and/or previous guest conversations in our CMS account. How do we fix this?

Please contact us directly with your property's Hinfo Member ID to [email protected] and we will investigate this shortly.