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Guest Access

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Do all our guests access our property and local area information the same way?

Every guest can access your property details in our mobile app or website, via any one of multiple options available.

Do we need to upgrade the Wi-Fi at our property before offering Hinfo to our guests?

We have designed our Hinfo service from the ground up, to adapt to your property's Wi-Fi, not the other way round.

Does Hinfo offer QR code access?

Yes, our Hinfo service does offer QR code support.

How do our guests access the relevant information for our property through Hinfo?

Hinfo is the most accessible digital compendium, when it comes to all the ways guests can view your property details, via either our Hinfo mobile app and/or website.

How does the current location function work for guests finding our property?

When each property goes live on our service, we manually setup a GPS radius around the entire premises of the property.

How easy is it for people to download the Hinfo app?

Our Hinfo app is very easy to download and only takes a matter of seconds due to its small download size.

How much down-time does the Hinfo service have?

Our development team has a core goal of having as minimal down time as possible.

How much mobile/cellular data will guests need to use during their stay for Hinfo?

We designed our entire Hinfo service to use as little download as possible to deliver a great experience.

Our guests cannot access our property on the service. What can we do?

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
Firstly, we recommend trying all the following in-order to isolate the issue.