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How can we access a QR code for our property?

Your property can use a direct access QR Code for your guests to use, to view your property on our website.

How can we highlight to guests our on-site COVID-19 procedures?

To provide details to your guests on how your property is staying COVID Safe, please do the following.

How can we include our property's guest room reservations system?

You can promote the guest room booking system listed on your website to your current guests, to increase repeat bookings.
To set this up for your property, please do the following after logging into your CMS account.

How do I select our payment method options?

If your property is based outside of Australia, all payments methods are processed online via credit card.
If you are an Australian property, you can pay via either EFT or credit card.

How do I setup/update an email address for login to our CMS account?

After logging into your Hinfo CMS account please do the following.

How do I upload/update an image to display in the Home tab for guests?

To add an image to display for guests in the Home tab, please do the following after logging into your Hinfo CMS account.

How do we include a logo for our property when details are being downloaded?

Your property can include an image (ideally logo) for your property can be displayed on the personalized loading screen when guests are downloading your property.

Is there any way to skip the preview screen when publishing information updates?

Yes, we do have an option to speed up the process of publishing updates.
To enable this, please do the following after logging into your CMS account.

I was referred to Hinfo by another property. How can I record their referral details?

We are happy to hear you are joining our Hinfo service.
To record the referral details, please do the following after logging into your CMS account.