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Does Hinfo work on both Wi-Fi and mobile/cellular data?

Yes, Hinfo works via any internet connection type, including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Do I have to enter the property every-time I use the Hinfo service?

Both our Hinfo app and website will remember the property you are currently staying at.

How do I access Hinfo at the property we are staying at?

There are multiple ways you can access the property and local area details for where you are staying.

How do I change the type of map used in background of Near Me?

In our Hinfo app, you can change your map type displayed in the Near Me Map section by doing the following.

How much internet download does Hinfo require?

We strive to make the Hinfo app as small as possible for internet download.

I cannot enter the property I want to, repeatedly. How do I solve/report this?

Please check each of the following depending on your preferred method or point of accessing details.

Should I be using the Hinfo app or the Hinfo.com website?

We encourage users to use our Hinfo app if possible, for the best experience possible.

When I have checked out of the property, do I need to do anything in Hinfo?

While it is not compulsory, we ask each guest to tap on the Leave button in the top right corner of the Home tab screen.

Why are not all local places/events listed in Near Me?

What makes the Near Me section in our Hinfo service stand out from all other internet-based solutions, is that each property's management have included a list of local places and events they recommend you visit during your stay.