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Does Hinfo require a constant internet connection?

Our Hinfo app does not require a constant internet connection, but our Hinfo website does.

Do I need the latest version of the Hinfo app to access details and services?

We continuously release updates for the Hinfo app on iOS and Android.

How can I download the Hinfo app without an Apple or Google Play App Store account?

For technical and security reasons both in and out of our control, we can only distribute our Hinfo app via the Apple and Google Play App Stores.
If you see our app published anywhere else online, please do not download from these sources.

How do I download the most up to date details for the property and local area?

Our Hinfo app and website does all the work for you with detecting information updates from properties.

How up to date is the information I am viewing on the service?

Properties can provide unlimited information updates on our Hinfo service; therefore the details are as up to date as each property has provided to us.

I want to use the Hinfo app, but my phone does not support it. What is the best method for me?

Please check the operating system version your smartphone is using via the main Settings app.

What are the primary benefits for me to use the Hinfo service?

Our Hinfo service provides multiple major benefits compared to other hotel compendium solutions on the market, for both you and management.

What smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices are compatible with Hinfo?

Almost all electronic devices with a screen and an internet connection can run Hinfo.

Something went wrong while using the Hinfo app or Hinfo.com website. How can I report this?

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your time to let us know about the technical issue. Please email us directly or fill in the form included on this page.