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Am I personally tracked while using the Hinfo service, including by IP address?

From the very beginning, we designed our Hinfo service to respect your privacy to the same level as printed hotel compendiums.
Our service does record anonymous analytics to pass onto properties in a statistical manner, but none of the following details are recorded or tied to your usage:

Does the Hinfo.com website use cookies?

Does the Hinfo.com website use cookies?

How can I manually delete any sensitive details I have provided through Hinfo during my stay?

If you are no longer at a property or about to depart, please tap on the 'Leave' button in the top right corner of the Home tab. This will delete all your guest conversations and property/local area details.

Is anything I do on Hinfo shared with 3rd parties?

No, all details used in our app and viewed on our website are only viewed internally or with the management at each property.

Is Hinfo GDPR compliant?

We take a privacy focus towards everything we develop with our Hinfo service.

What data will be recorded about my usage while using Hinfo?

We do record anonymous analytical data as to how guests at every property are using our service.

What happens to messages I send through the 'Ask Reception' instant messaging system?

All conversations you have with your property staff via our Hinfo service, are encrypted on our servers.
Only your device and your property's staff can see the message conversations.

When I give permission, does Hinfo record my current location in a database while I'm using it?

No, Hinfo does store any GPS coordinates from any guests on our servers.

What personal details are required to use the instant messaging service?

Before sending a message to your property's staff, we require guests to provide their first name and room number. That is it!

Why does Hinfo use less tracking than most popular apps/services today?

Unlike almost all popular online services today (particularly social media networks), our Hinfo service does not rely on tracking everything you consume, to help fund our service.