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Hinfo Support - Guests



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Does Hinfo require a constant internet connection, like other online services, such as Facebook?

What smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices are compatible with Hinfo?

Do I have to have the latest version of the Hinfo app to access the property and local area information?

I want to use the Hinfo app, but my phone supports an older version of iOS or Android. What is the best method for me?

How up to date is the information I am viewing on the service?

Something went wrong while using the Hinfo app or Hinfo.com website. It keeps happening repeatedly. How do I make the developers of Hinfo aware of this?


How do I use Hinfo for the property we are staying at?

How much internet download does Hinfo require?

Does Hinfo work on both Wi-Fi and mobile/cellular data?

Do I have to enter the property every-time I use the Hinfo service?

Should I be using the Hinfo app or the Hinfo.com website?

When I have checked out of the property, do I need to do anything in Hinfo?

I cannot enter the property I want to, repeatedly. How do I solve this?


Is there any cost to use the Hinfo service?


Is Hinfo GDPR compliant?

What happens to messages I send through the 'Ask Reception' messaging system?

What data will be recorded about my usage of the Hinfo service?

Is anything I do on Hinfo shared with 3rd parties?

When I give permission, does Hinfo record my current location in a database while I'm using it?

If your query is not answered in either the guests or properties tabs above, please send a message here and we will get back to you shortly.