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Show Your Guests Videos of Recommended Local Attractions

📆 Feb 12th 2020 - 2min read

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With the bushfires in recent months spread across most of rural Australia, we decided to accelerate the development of a new section to our Hinfo service.

Emergency Details

This is a new section accessible from the Home tab.

Properties can include details such as phone number for Ambulance and Police (great for international visitors) in addition to details for:

All Hospital details listed in the Local Services tab are also available here.

Ambulance Phone, Police Phone and Hospital details are prioritized at the top of this section to better cater for the majority of guests.


Video support is here!

Properties can now provide links to videos on YouTube, Vimeo and their own website to show guests.

Videos can be provided for Near Me Places, Near Me Events, Emergency Details and In-House Restaurants.

This takes Hinfo to a whole new level, when it comes to advertising and recommending local attractions for your guests to visit, especially compared to paper brochures.

Emojis in Ask Reception

Emojis are very expressive ways for us to communicate with each other.

We have added Emojis support for guests and reception staff to send/receive.

Guests can also use Emojis when submitting Anonymous Property Feedback.

Multiple Minor Improvements

The property name in the Home tab is now below the image, to cater for short and long property names.

All headings in Local Services can display websites, including Dentist, Hospital, Optometrist, Taxi etc.

All of this is available in our Version 2.3.0 update for guests to download now and all is included in the cost of the Hinfo membership.

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