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New TV Section Added To Hinfo Amenities

📆 Dec 18th 2019 - 2min read

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Hinfo Amenities TV Section

We are feeling festive this Christmas season, of which today we are announcing our final major update to our Hinfo service for the decade, bringing us to Version 2.2.0.

We have added a new dedicated TV section to the Amenities screen, which contains 3 separate buttons. TV Instructions, TV Program List and TV Guide.

TV Instructions

TV Instructions allows properties to explain to guests in detail, how to operate all the core functions of the TV in their rooms/apartments.

Property can include an image such as a TV remote and a list of operating instructions for tasks, such as switching between free to air and paid TV or an on-demand streaming service.

A new dedicated screen has been added for this so you can provide details in full and all text details are translatable via our Auto Translate service.

TV Program List

The program list section allows properties to list all Free to Air, paid TV and on-demand services available at the property.

Properties can list all the select channels they offer on paid TV for example, to improve the guest experience when finding a show, movie or event to watch.

TV Guide

The TV Guide shows guests the free to air and paid TV services (where possible) for the local area they are staying in.

This screen acts the same way as Local Weather does from the Home tab.

Order Now Button for Takeaway

Properties can now provide a direct link to order takeaway food online from the restaurants website, with the respective button being displayed.

Single Room Property Enhancements

We have included enhancements to certain sections of our service, including Ask Reception to make it more suitable for single room properties, such as B&Bs.

This release is now available for all hotel guests to use and all is included in the cost of the Hinfo membership.

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