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Additional Locations in Local Services, Sustainability Section and Property Online Reviews

📆 Oct 3rd 2022 - 2min read

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Today we are introducing Version 3.4, which is the next major update to our Hinfo service.

With this release we focused on expanding the details that properties can provide to hotel guests, alongside other general improvements.

Additional Locations in Local Services

Local Services is one of the primary tabs that all properties utilize, by listing their local airports, dentist, doctor, hospital etc.

With our member-base continuing to grow, we have a continued growing list of properties looking to add multiple doctors, hospitals, optometrists etc.

This release now allows properties to provide guests a list of multiple dentists, multiple doctors etc.

In addition to this, the Local Services section on our website has been redesigned to have a single button for each type of function (e.g. Get Directions, Websites and Phone) for each category listed.

New Sustainability Section

Many properties and hotel chains are becoming more vocal on their efforts to protect the environment.

Our Hinfo service is the most environmentally friendly solution on the market, with no additional hardware or resources being required to keep your guests connected and up to date, wherever they are during their stay.

You can promote how our service helps to achieve your environmental goals, via our new sustainability section, which allows you to highlight your property's sustainability efforts and refer guests to the page on your property's website for further details.

New Online Property Reviews Function

We all know before guests make a booking, they are looking at online reviews from previous guests.

They are not just looking for 5 star reviews, but a high overall average with a large volume of reviews being included.

To assist your property with gaining additional reviews, we have built-in a new Reviews button, which when tapped on will list up to 5 online review websites of your choice for guests to go and place a review.

Other Minor Improvements

In addition to these 3 major improvements, we have also made several minor enhancements across the service.

The update is available now for guests to download and the new features highlighted above are also available now in your Hinfo CMS account.

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