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Schedule Notifications For Guests To Receive Anywhere And Promote Activities At Your Property

📆 Aug 11th 2020 - 3min read

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Hinfo Notifications Screen on iPhone X

Today we are announcing the next major update to our Hinfo apps, bringing us to Version 2.5.0.

With this update, we wanted to focus on 2 major areas. Allow properties to schedule timely relevant notifications to increase sales and guest engagement along with promoting Activities at your property if you have no local places or events to recommend.

Scheduled Notifications

Properties can now setup notifications to appear on your guests own devices to inform them about time-related offers, one-off events etc.

Do you wish you could promote your in-house restaurant before dinner, highlight special offers for your on-site or local bar at a specific time only, now you can!

Our implementation has the following unique benefits:

This feature takes our service to a whole new level and is only possible via a mobile app with every guest using their own mobile devices.


Is your property a resort based on an island that is no where near any local places and events to recommend? We now have the solution for you.

If you are one of these types of properties, you can opt-in to rename our 'Near Me' section to be called 'Activities'.

This section is also available via the bottom navigation bar on mobile devices and allows you to list activities such as boat rides, movie nights and other recreational activities.

In addition to these major benefits, we have included several small but important features.

Tap on Large Images to View Full Screen

Our Hinfo app now allows guests to tap on any large image available in the app, to load in a dedicated screen for pan and zoom around with.

This is incredibly important for images including TV Remote controls in Amenities and detailed images for responding to natural disasters in the Emergency Details section.

Near Me/Activity Event Starting Notifications

We applied the same technologies used for Scheduled Notifications above for Events listed in the Near Me/Activities section.

If you provide a start date for each event, guests can manually set an alert for the day the event starts. This is handy for guests that stay a week for example, with an event starting in the 2nd half of their stay, so they do not forget about it.

Retiring Calendar Option

Due to low usage, we have decided to remove the "Add To Calendar" options in our apps.

Minimum iPhone and iPadOS Version

On this release, we are retiring support for iOS 9. The currently released version is iOS 13.6 and iOS 14.0 is expected to be released within the next 1-2 months.

iOS 10 is now the minimum version for our iPhone/iPad app to make sure notifications works smoothly on all devices.

Other Minor Additions

All of this is available in our Version 2.5.0 update for guests to download now and all is included in the cost of the Hinfo membership.

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