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Provide Property Details via Video and Sort Local Places/Events By Location

📆 Nov 30th 2022 - 2min read

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Kitchen at Holiday Home with iPhone 14 Pro Video of Dishwasher

Today we are introducing Version 3.5, which is the next major update to our Hinfo service.

With this release we focused on introducing an additional option for how properties can provide details to their guests about their own property, in addition to make it easier for guests to find a local place/event to visit.

Property Details Now Supports Video

That's right, properties can now provide their hotel compendium details in video format, in addition to the existing text, image and PDF options for each heading.

This makes us the first digital hotel compendium on the market, that we know of, to support all 4 formats.

There are certain details that can be better explained via video format, including how to operate the dishwasher or use a keyless entry keypad at a holiday home.

Properties can utlize any/all combination of these 4 formats for each of their headings at each property.

Please note that this will require additional internet download from guests upon each viewing, but given the number of videos people are already consuming on smartphones and tablets today, this should calculate to only a fraction of their overall daily download usage.

Sort Local Places/Events By Location

Have you ever as a guest arrived at a property and wanted to find the closest supermarket or restaurant when settling in that afternoon/night?

In addition to local places/events being sorted by properties either automatically or manually, we have added a 3rd option for guests to enable on-demand, for sorting local places/events in each category based on their current location.

All of this processing is done locally on the device and no GPS coordinates of the guests current location are sent to our servers.

Guests can enable/disable this on mobile via the location icon in the top left corner of the Near Me section.

When enabled, this will sort all locations that have GPS coordinates provided, to appear closest to furthest in each category.

Guests can now find the closest supermarket to them if you have multiple included, which is particularly helpful for holiday home groups that may include several supermarkets (or similar) to cover a larger area of properties.

Any places/events that do not have any coordinates provided, will appear at the end of each category row.

Other Minor Improvements

In addition to both of these major improvements, we have also made multiple minor enhancements across the service.

The update is available now for guests to download and the new features highlighted above are also available now in your Hinfo CMS account.

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