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Our Properties Screen and EV Charging Stations

📆 June 14th 2022 - 3min read

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Hotel Room and Tesla Charging Stations Side by Side

Today we are introducing the next major update to our Hinfo service, bring us to Version 3.3.

With this release we wanted to focus on allowing our member properties to highlight the other properties in their accommodation group, improve visibility of access to notifications in our app and other general improvements.

Our Properties

Your property can now highlight all of those in your group. You can either provide a weblink to all of your group's properties listed on your website, or upload details for up to 10 properties including an image, reservations link, phone number and address for driving directions.


In our mobile app, we have relocated the Notifications sections to be accessible via a new bell icon in the top navigation bar in the Home tab.

This will only appear if the guest has a notification to view from any of the following:

This helps to increase visibility for how to view updates and details on each type of notification as they come in.

Also on the notifications screen, we updated the bell icon in the top right to now navigate to the Notification Settings, so guests can easily toggle on/off all of the notification types we offer.

Near Me

Tours: For places we have added a new dedicated Tours button to highlight any tours available at a local attraction.

Health and Beauty: We have also added a new "Health and Beauty" category, so you can list the local spa, sauna, hairdresser, massages etc.

Local Services

EV Charging Stations: New dedicated slots for listing local EV Charging Stations are now available, which can be for the local service station, restaurant, shopping centre etc.

All of the hours and details slots available in this section have also been upgraded to support bold, italic and underline.

Property Feedback

For properties that have a guest feedback system already implemented in their daily operations, our Hinfo service now allows you to direct guests to it.

Apple Apps

Due to little usage in the last few months, we have decided to drop support for iOS 11, with the iPhone/iPad app still supporting iOS 12 - 15 and iOS 16 when released before the end of the year. Every iPhone and iPad that supports iOS 11 can also run iOS 12, which means the effect of this will be next to none.

To allow us to refocus our efforts on platforms that have higher guest usage, we have also decided to discontinue the Hinfo Mac app exclusively, also due to low usage on MacBooks.

Android App

This release brings the end of support for Android 5.1 Lollipop and 6.0 Marshmallow, also due to low usage. Our app still supports Android 7.0 - 12, with Android 13 being released before the end of the year.

We have also added compatibility support for Android 12L.

All of this is in addition to multiple minor fixes, minor visual improvements and a few performance improvements as part of this release.

The update is available now for guests to download and the new features highlight above are now also available in your Hinfo CMS account.

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