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New Support Website for Guests and Management

📆 March 17th 2022 - 2min read

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Support Website on Dell Monitor with Bokeh Background

Today we are announcing a major revamp to our support website for Hinfo member properties and guests.

We have invested the time and effort to upgrade this support website, to cater for 4 types of users.

Many surveys regarding self-service support options and knowledge bases, show that most people would rather seek assistance without having to contact businesses directly.

According to a Microsoft survey, 86% of consumers expect an online self-service option and two-thirds would utilize this option first before contacting the company directly.

At the time of launch, our new support website contains almost 200 frequently asked questions for both your property staff and guests.

Guest can access the support website at any time via the respective link the App Stores or via the Settings screen in the Hinfo app in our latest minor update.

One major component to this release is a detailed guide for all steps involved (and express options) in the initial setup, to help guide you with adding the correct details into each section, provide estimated timeframes for each section and how we can speed up this setup process for you at no additional cost.

During this major revamp, we also implemented the following features:

We will continue to be improving this new support website into the future, with additional Q&As and more.

Our new support website is available now and can be accessed via hinfo.com/support.

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Support Website on Dell Monitor with Bokeh Background

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