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Search Integrated Into Near Me

📆 Oct 3rd 2018 - 2min read

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Today we are releasing the next major updates for Hinfo on iPhone/iPad and Android. In these update, we have added:

iPhone/iPad and Android

Near Me Search: Guests are now able to do keyword search like they have on Facilities and Room Details, but now also in Near Me.

The Near Me Search feature is deeply integrated. You can search by name, category, address and details.

For example, you can type 'Supermarket' and it will show Coles, Woolworths, Aldi etc. depending on what the property elects to promote locally.

All of this also applies to the Near Me Map screen, with pins updating in real-time when you type a new character.

The Places and Events tabs have been moved to the top right of the screen, except on iPad which is still in the top left.

Offline PDFs: With our offline PDF feature, it was designed to reduce data usage and improve loading times for guests.

We are adding a function for it to check if your property has provided an updated restaurant menu, brochure etc. then guests will download that up to date copy when they next go to view it.

Minor Changes:

- BBQ Heading is now replaced with Barbecue.

- Restaurants, Pubs and Caf├ęs in Near Me, now show a Menus button instead of brochure.

- Near Me Map Pins now show categories as the subtitle instead of suburb, for easier navigation.


Download Size: This update corrects a bug from our last update, which caused a major increase in the Hinfo app's download size. This was a brief issue that was out of our control and applied to all updated apps on the App Store, but has been resolved for all apps.

Optimizations: We have also gone through the iPhone/iPad during this same update optimize the app for marginally less download.


Offline PDFs: On top of the Offline PDF additions listed above, we have also re-engineered the whole feature for Android to no longer require a guest to have a microSD card in their smartphone/tablet to take advantage of this great feature.

App Bundles: We've adopted a new feature by Google called 'App Bundles', which lets guests download and update the app with only the details that apply to their specific device. This reduces the size of the app download for initial installs and drastically for app updates. This can depend on screen size, version of Android they are running etc.

Android 9.0 Pie: This updates includes our completed transition to supporting Android 9.0 Pie, with full development tools for Android Pie having only recently been released.

All Hinfo members will benefit from these updates from today for free.

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