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Loyalty Program, Welcome Screen Updates and Appointments for Local Services

📆 April 26th 2023 - 3min read

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New Welcome Screen on iPhone with Abstract Blue Wavey Background

Today we are introducing Version 3.6, which is the next major update to our Hinfo service.

In our first major feature update for the year, we focused on the welcome screen, added a new loyalty program option, new slots for Appointment links for various local services and so much more.

Welcome Screen Upgrades

The biggest enhancement in this feature update that most guests will experience, is the updated welcome screen.

If a property provides details for a welcome screen, this screen will now appear immediately after a guest selects a property.

Guests will then be asked to tap on the relabelled "Enter Property" button, which will then ask guests to select their room type (if multiple included) and then starts to download the property/local area details ready for guests to see.

This allows guests to have reassurance, that they have selected the correct property, before all details are saved to the guests device in our mobile app.

New Loyalty Program Button

If your property is part of a major chain that has a guest loyalty program, you can now encourage guests to join or access their various features/services available with the program.

This can be provided via a new dedicated button in the Home tab for guests to see, which will have the name of your loyalty program on the button for instant recognition.

PDF Keyword Search in iPhone/iPad Mobile App

Our Hinfo service allows you to provide details via text, image, video and PDF for each type of heading.

Prior to this release, our Android app allowed guests to search for keywords within a PDF document (e.g. operating manual) via an external Android PDF application and our web-based solution utilizes the built-in web browser "Find on Page" function.

Today, our iPhone/iPad mobile app joins the other platforms with its own PDF keyword search function.

This now means every guest, at every property, using any of our platforms, can utilize this function to find the details they are looking for faster.

This is particularly helpful for operating manuals for example, which can be often be 30+ pages long, when you are trying to find a particular step-by-step instruction on page 23.

Food and Beverage Ordering Enhancements

Our F&B ordering service has two new enhancements in this release.

The Order in Advance Minimum Delay time has been increased with new options ranging from 2hrs to 12hrs ahead.

This is helpful for properties that require breakfast orders to be requested before a set time the night before.

The 2nd improvement is a new button on the Food and Drink Menus screen, to jump to the status for the guests latest order.

This is an additional option for guests to view their order status, on top of the push notifications to our mobile app and the dedicated notifications screen.

Appointment Links for Dentist, Doctor and Optometrist

We do not wish it upon any guest, but if any guest needed urgent dental work, experiences an injury or needs to fix their glasses, the faster they can receive the care they need, the less stressful it will be for all involved.

Managers can now include direct website links to the booking appointment interface provided by their recommended local dentist, doctor and optometrist.

This allows guests to have direct access to the option to book an available time slot and reduces the turnaround time to receive care.

Other Minor Improvements

In addition to these major improvements and multiple other minor visual improvements, we have also updated the dedicated COVID-19 section, to be renamed to "Health and Safety".

The update is available now for guests to download and the new features highlighted above are also available now in your Hinfo CMS account.

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