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Image Captions and Promotional Material Generator

📆 Monday 19th June 2023 - 3min read

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Ricardo's Trattoria Listing in Near Me on iPhone 14 Pro with Abstract Background and Speech Bubble Describing the Cooked Pizza

Today we are introducing Version 3.7, which is the next major update to our Hinfo service.

In this update, we focused on improved our level of compliance when it comes to accessibility and build a brand new Promotional Material Generator, in addition to a few minor additions.

Improved iOS VoiceOver and Android TalkBack Support with Image Captions

We have invested the time to significantly improve the accessibility of the mobile app for people with a vision impairment.

These guests rely on voice feedback for every highlighted section in the mobile interface.

The biggest advancement to make our service more accessible in this release, is the addition of image captions.

Now guests using iOS VoiceOver or Android TalkBack, can highlight the images visible on every screen and hear a description of the image itself, similar to the top image in this news post.

These captions are auto generated via machine learning (AI) image recognition processes, when you upload a new image to your property or holiday home group's CMS account.

Prior to this release, we have manually added captions for every image at every property (including all the Near Me Placeholder images) and published ready for guests today.

These captions are also translated via our built-in Auto Translate service, if your property/group utilizes this feature.

There are no additional steps required on your managements end to support this and we have manual review processes in place to maintain the quality of these captions on a per property basis.

New Complimentary Promotional Material Options

The most popular option our member properties are choosing to promote our Hinfo service to their guests, is our Guest Getting Started Sheet.

Today we are introducing the biggest update, since our Guest Getting Started Sheet catered for the property's branding colours.

Our new Promotional Material range comes with 3 new size options, in addition to our existing A4 size.

These sizes are all available in a print-ready format, to streamline the process for bulk printing.

We also took this opportunity to do more than just offer multiple size options. We also added:

Colours: Options to select a colour or black and white print, if you want to save ink if printing to place in hundreds of guest rooms.

QR Codes: Option to include the direct web-based QR Code for each of these new templates.

Multiple Languages: Support for all 14 languages we support in addition to English, which is available if you are utilizing our Auto Translate service.

Other Minor Improvements

In addition to these major improvements and multiple other minor visual improvements, we have also added the following:

The update is available now for guests to download and the new features highlighted above are also available now in your Hinfo CMS account.

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