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Full Support for Holiday Home Groups And Direct Access Via Guest Wi-Fi

📆 Jun 23rd 2020 - 2min read

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Holiday Home

Today we are announcing the next major update to our Hinfo apps, bringing us to Version 2.4.0.

With this update, we wanted to focus on 3 major areas. Simplifying the initial setup and on-going information updates for holiday homes, expand the range of details each property can provide and further improvements to how guests can easily access your property and local area details.

Streamlining for Holiday Home Groups

With the global pandemic still at large, we recognize that holiday homes are likely to going to receive growing demand from guests want to travel within their own country.

Prior to Hinfo, there was no viable digital solution on the market for holiday home groups that manage dozens of properties each.

Our first big announcement today is that we have made our Hinfo CMS dramatically more efficient for holiday home groups.

Holiday Home Groups joining Hinfo now no longer need to provide a separate copy of details for Near Me, Local Services and Emergency Details, since these will be common across multiple properties.

We have a new 'Manage Shared Details' screen, where you can assign each property to refer to one of your other properties copies of each common section.

This will reduce the setup process by dozens to hundreds of hours of labour, depending on the size of your group.

In addition to all of this, we also rename our Ask Reception service to Ask Guest Services for holiday homes exclusively. Same is applied for Phone Reception now becoming Phone Guest Services.

If you manage a holiday home group, please send us an enquiry with the number of properties you manage.

Guest Access on Hinfo.com via Current Location

Today we are introducing two additional new ways guests can access properties on our Hinfo.com website.

Despite almost 97% of all guests accessing Hinfo via our mobile app, we want to increase the accessibility for guests to our website version.

Just like in our Hinfo apps, your guests can now search for your property on Hinfo.com using their devices GPS location. This works if you give permission to your current location for each web browser on each device you use, with many asking for permission each time.

Direct Guest Access Via Your Property's Wi-Fi

We have had increasing demand for a way for guests to access your property and local area details, as soon as they connect to your property's guest Wi-Fi.

Your property can now provide a direct link to your property on our Hinfo.com website, which bypasses the need to search for your property manually.

In a real-world scenario, you can allow your guests to connect to your Wi-Fi, enter their guests rooms username and password for their Wi-Fi allowance and on the confirmation screen, you can provide a link straight to your property on our service.

In-House Restaurants

Property with a 3rd in-house restaurant, can now provide details for it.

In addition to this, we have diversified the range of menu types you can provide. In addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks menus, you can now provide an All Day Menu, Wine List, Takeaway Menu and Vouchers.

Other Minor Additions

We have added slots for Airport Phone numbers in Local Services and Non-Emergency Police Phone numbers.

Minor bug fixes and minor visual improvements have also been applied across the service.

All of this is available in our Version 2.4.0 update for guests to download now and all is included in the cost of the Hinfo membership.

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