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Hinfo CMS Upgrades for Holiday Home Groups

📆 October 3rd 2023 - 2min read

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Today, we are releasing 2 major upgrades to our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System), which makes it easier for holiday home managers to add/update details for all of their properties.

These features are designed to both streamline the process of initial setup, along with reducing the number of clicks and time required when updating details across several/all properties.

Apply to Multiple Properties

Our top feature request from holiday home groups, is to allow specific property details to be added/updated with multiple or all holiday homes in their group at the same time, without repeating it for each property.

One of our updates today addresses this, with lots of flexibility to adapt to multiple situations.

In Amenities for example, when a manager adds details, they will now be able tick the checkbox for Apply to Multiple Properties, which will appear below each heading.

At the bottom of each section, a list of all properties will appear which you can then tick each separately to add or updates the details for only these properties.

This copies the text and all multimedia either the matching or next available slot.

These features is also available for other sections in the CMS, including for Health and Safety Information, Loyalty Program Details, Online Review options etc.

Change Property From Any Section

It is now more seamless than ever, for holiday home managers to switch between properties to apply multiple unique updates per session.

For holiday home groups exclusively, a new dedicated Change Property button will appear in the bottom right corner of every screen in the CMS and clicking on it will display a list of all properties.

The result of this is that a manager can be updating property details and changing properties, that property will appear immediately in the same section.

Other Minor Improvements

In addition to the above, we have also made a couple of other minor improvements.

All updates above are now live for managers to start using.

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