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All Guests Can Now Use Hinfo.com

📆 Apr 1st 2019 - 2min read

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Hinfo is an online service that guests at hotels, motels, apartments, resorts etc. use to view compendium information via the mobile app on iPhone/iPad or Android or via this website.

Many online services you use as a consumer today including social media (e.g. Facebook), online video (e.g. YouTube) and internet banking, can all be accessed via a mobile app or web browser.

When we introduced Hinfo.com as an alternative way for guests to access property and local area details, we envisaged a world where any guest can access your property's compendium details on any device they own, so your property does not need dedicated resources tied to each room for guests to use.

In recent months we have been working to simplify our pricing structure for the Hinfo service, while allowing every guest at every property to have access to the Hinfo.com website.

The biggest factor that required us to charge an extra fee for Hinfo.com access for guests, was the significant increase in server usage, especially when you calculate the time spent by at least one guest in every room/apartment at every property.

We challenged ourselves to make Hinfo.com use as little download as possible, while providing the same great experience and we have done exactly that.

Today we have introduced a single base rate of AU$19 per month* that allows all guests at all properties use any platform they prefer to access the Hinfo service. This will also cover any additional platforms we support in the future.

All guests now have the choice of using the mobile app and/or the Hinfo.com website to access your compendium details.

* Base rate plus 40c per room per month. Total cost capped at AU$39 per month.

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