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Food and Beverage Ordering Service

📆 Oct 5th 2021 - 4min read

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iPhone On Table with Coffee Ordering Waffles

Hinfo is introducing today their food and beverage ordering service, for properties to drive additional revenue during their guests stay.

Being built into the Hinfo mobile app, your property can now offer a 21st century solution that is both fully contactless and does not break the bank.

Options Prior To Today

If your property is offering room service F&B ordering to your guests, it is very likely you receive orders via at least one of the following methods:

While these methods have served properties well for many years, they each have a downside from the guests end of the transaction.

The digital alternative to these traditional methods prior to today, was to offer hotel tablets inside each of your guest rooms, but the cost to integrate these are far out of reach for the vast majority of properties.

With the F&B solution we are announcing today, we have eliminated the issues for traditional methods without the premium cost of other digital solutions.

Primary Features

To explain the thinking behind our design of the F&B Ordering system (called Food & Drink for guests), here are the core principles that we used to build this service.

How Does It Work For Management?

This built-in service is possible with a dedicated interface built into our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) for your property management to receive order requests.

Hinfo Food and Beverage CMS Interface

This interface has the following features:

Major Benefits of Our Implementation

If we had of build just that above, it would of been a great contactless solution.

But we didn't stop there!

Here are 3 more features we have integrated into our F&B ordering service that makes it stand out.

Multiple Languages with Auto Translate

We are now expanding the use cases for Auto Translate service, beyond hotel compendium details and guest messaging conversations.

With Auto Translate, your property can benefit from the following use case scenarios:

All of these translating benefits are included in the same Auto Translate costs at AU$4.00 per language per month

Light and Dark Mode Support

The food and drink ordering section of the Hinfo app, behaves exactly the same as every other when it comes to displaying property colours during the day and/or dark colours at night (if enabled by the guest).

Dark Mode (or Night Mode on Android) has been proven to reduce eye strain at night, which is great when guests are ordering dinner/late night snack.

This means your property's branding colours and fonts will be reflected during the day and night, unless each guest individually has decided to prioritze a dark interface.

No Premium Cost Attached

This is the biggest one of them all!

Bringing a viable contactless ordering solution to market, has to be above all else cost-effective.

If it was way too far out of reach for most property types and sizes, it would not matter what other innovations we build into our service, if very few properties could afford to use it.

Our F&B ordering service is built on a room chargeback basis, which eliminates any additional/separate credit card surcharges etc.

The entire Hinfo service has been designed to be very data efficient, and we have followed these same principles when developing our F&B solution.

Finally, we designed this built-in service to have act as a natural substitution to receiving orders from guests via paper pamphlets, phone or in-person.

This means our whole service from the guests perspective is now contactless, mobile and in their preferred language, while management will receive all orders through a single dedicated interface.

With this, we have announced that our 'Food & Drink' ordering service is available to all properties, at no additional cost on-top of our standard cost-effective membership, which breaks down to only a few cents per room per night.

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