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Hinfo Is Looking After Hotel Guests Eyes At Night

📆 Sep 30th 2019 - 2min read

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Hinfo Dark Mode on iPhone

Today we are announcing the next major update to our Hinfo apps, bringing us to Version 2.1.0.

Being the first major update since our Version 2 launch exactly 2 months ago, we wanted to focus on supporting the latest devices while also making Hinfo perfect to use at any time of day.

Dark Mode

Hinfo now supports Dark Mode.

Dark Mode allows guests to view your content on a display that predominantly uses white text on a black background.

Using Dark Mode will significantly reduce the amount of brightness that is coming from the device screens, which has a positive effect when using at night or in a low-light environment.

Hinfo Dark Mode responds to the Dark Mode system-wide toggle available in iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and Night Mode in Android 10. This also works if a guest has set a Dark/Night Mode to appear on a timed basis, such as sunset to sunrise.

Support for Dark Mode on Hinfo.com is coming soon.

iOS 13 and Android 10 Support

Our annual traditional continues with supporting the latest operating systems from Apple and Google that run on your iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

We have added full support for all features to be supported on iOS 13 and Android 10.

Support for the new iPad 7th generation 10.2inch display has been included along with several other bug fixes.

This benefit is a major perk for properties who are a member of Hinfo, as it will save them several thousands in development costs just to run on the latest devices and operating systems released yearly.

Ask Reception for Hinfo.com

Guests from today no longer have to download the Hinfo.com app just to send a message to your property's reception.

'Ask Reception' is our guest messaging service built into Hinfo.

All features including read receipts and auto translate (except notifications) are included in our website version.

Our guest messaging solution now allows more guests to use the platform of their choice to communicate with your property's reception, whether its a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

This release is now available for all hotel guests to use and all is included in the cost of the Hinfo membership.

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