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Customizable Anonymous Guest Property Feedback

📆 Oct 5th 2021 - 2min read

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Anonymous Property Feedback was one of the original features built into our Hinfo service.

As part of our Version 3.0 update, today we are excited to announce that we have completely redesigned this section from the ground up.

When we working on the new design of this section, we had 3 main principles to keep in mind:

  1. Customizable on a per property basis,
  2. Create a central location to view all feedback sent by guests, and
  3. Integrate our Auto Translate into this feature, for translating questions and responses from guests.


The increase the value of our feedback section, we needed to allow for customizability of the questions you can ask your guests.

You can now ask up to 10 of your own questions with either a rating out of 5 or comment text field for each question.

This allows your property to ask specific questions, that are valuable to your management and can be modified at anytime.

We have included a default list of questions that we believe are suitable for every property type and size and have also been tweaked for holiday homes.

Central Location for All Guest Feedback

Prior to today's update, all feedback submitted was emailed directly to a nominated email address for each property.

While retaining this option, we have built in a new opt-in feature to maintain a copy of all feedback sent by your guests on our servers.

This will allow you to view all the feedback submitted from now on, in a dedicated section of your property's CMS account.

This also created a new opportunity to provide aggregated/average rating statistics, to turn the data of guests feedback into valuable information for your management.

Auto Translate Integration

In our Version 2.0 release, we introduced our Auto Translate service, which allows your property to translate your English details to any of the other languages we support, in minimal time and for minimal cost.

With this release, we are further expanding the value of our Auto Translate service to allow your management to ask questions in multiple languages and receive all responses in English.

This is included with the Auto Translate membership at AU$4.00 per language per month for your whole property.

All default questions we provide are also translated into every language we support.

Everything on this page is in effect as of today for all properties on our Hinfo service and it takes very minimal effort to customize the questions in a new dedicated section of your Hinfo CMS account (accessible via the updated side menu).

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