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New Health and Safety Section, Expanded Multi-Language Support and Images in Amenities

📆 Oct 13th 2020 - 3min read

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COVID-19 Virus

Today we are introducing the latest major update for our Hinfo service, bring us to Version 2.6.0.

With this update we wanted to focus on 4 primary areas.

Add a new Health and Safety section for COVID-19 details, expanding the list of languages your property can support, the ability to include images for any heading in Amenities and improvements to Scheduled Notifications which we introduced in our last update.

New Health and Safety Section

With the tourism industry slowly recovering in many areas, there are still COVID-19 measures in place to help reduce or eliminate the spread of the virus.

To allow property management to more clearly communicate the measures in place at their property and their local area, we have added a new 'Health and Safety' section.

This section is currently labelled as 'COVID-19' and will appear as the first button in the Home tab for the foreseeable future.

You can include all text details for the measures in place at the property and in the local area (e.g. social distancing, if masks are mandatory etc.) and an image for this section.

Multiple Languages Added

We understand with the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, that now does not sound like a good time to increase the range of languages our service supports.

This global pandemic won't last forever and international tourism will hopefully recommence soon.

To prepare for this launch, we decided to include support for 9 new languages to our Hinfo service, of which are:

This brings our list of languages we support to a grand total of 15 languages, including English.

You may now be asking yourself, why are we adding these languages specifically?

Firstly, we have had requests to some of the languages above and we added all 9 for the following reason.

Our Hinfo service now supports the dominant language from almost all of the Top 25 countries travelling overseas to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America each year, based on publicly available statistics for the calendar year of 2019.

All of these new languages are also fully supported by our Auto Translate service, which allows your property to easily translate your compendium details and allow guests to message you in their preferred language for significantly less money, time and effort.

We are also introducing today a new offer for our Auto Translate service.

For every 3 languages you subscribe too, you receive an additional language free.

This makes supporting multiple languages even more affordable then we already made it last year and now more guests can access your compendium details in their preferred language.

Amenities Images

We have had multiple properties ask us about providing images for specific details listed in the Amenities section.

Today's update adds support for images under every heading in Amenities.

If you have a Gas Log Fire, you can now provide an image that helps to explain how to use it.

This can also be relevant for other operating instructions for Air Conditioners, Washing Machines etc. and to also provide a more personalized experience with images for your property's pool, gym, spa etc.

Scheduled Notifications Improvements

After the addition of Scheduled Notifications last month, we have a couple of improvements we are introducing today.

Properties can now schedule notifications to appear on the same date every month and provide a brochure/menu for each listing.

This brochure/menu could be a dinner menu for a local restaurant if you schedule the notification mid-to-late afternoon to help promote the restaurant for that night.

Other Minor Improvements

All of this is available in our Version 2.6.0 update for guests to download now and all is included in the cost of the Hinfo membership.

Auto Translate is available as an optional extra at AU$4.00 + GST per language per month and covers all details in all sections and guest messaging.

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