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New Personalizable Fonts and Property Image GIF Support

📆 April 5th 2022 - 2min read

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5 New Fonts Displayed in Amenities in Hinfo App on 3 iPhones with Wavey Abstract Background

With yesterday marking the 5th anniversary of our Hinfo service, we are launching Version 3.2.0 today, with a primary focus on allowing for more personalization for each property on our service.

With this release, there are two areas we focused on primarily.

  1. Expand the range of fonts available for guests to select, to more accurately reflect their property's branding and
  2. Add support for animated GIF for the Property Image in the Home tab.

Expanded Range of Available Fonts

To allow your property to provide both contactless and portable details/services to your guests with more accurate branding, we have added 12 additional fonts.

Some of these fonts include condensed, light and thin variants of existing fonts.

Animated GIF Support for Property Image in Home Tab

By request, we have also added support for displaying an animated GIF for the main Property Image in the home tab.

This can be used as a slideshow for example, to show multiple areas of the property itself, rotating every few seconds.

If you are current member property that wants to see the new fonts available, please login to your CMS account, navigate to the Personalize tab and view the new fonts available.

These updates are available now for guests to view via our mobile app and website. Both features will be available shortly in our Hinfo CMS for all properties to utlilize.

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