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Hinfo Now Accessible Via 'Current Location'

📆 Oct 24th 2018 - 2min read

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Today we are releasing the next major updates for Hinfo.

In the version 1.8.0 update available today, we have redesigned the way you initially access property details. Guests can now use either one of the following options to enter.

Current Location

The overwhelming majority of guests are initially accessing the Hinfo app either at reception or in their room/apartment.

If a guest gives permission for their smartphone or tablet to use their current location, the app will prompt them to clarify they are staying at the property Hinfo reckons they are staying at.

When a guest gives permission to use their current location, we do not see or record the guests current location. The Hinfo app loads the coordinates for each property into the app, so it can then determine which one your guest is staying at.

First time users will require only 4 taps on the screen to use this feature and 2 taps every time after. This compares to our previous 6-digit number system which required 8 taps.

We highly recommend using the current location alternative from an ease of use perspective.

Search via Name

Guests can now search for the property they are staying at, without the need for a 6-digit number.

We recommend guests using this alternative, to type in a unique word in the property name, to make this process faster.

All Hinfo members will benefit from these updates from today for free.

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