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Why Your Hotel Compendium Should Be Within Arm's Reach for Guests

3min read

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We live in a connected world, now more than ever before. A world where people always want access to information and communicate with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

This trend started with the launch of the modern smartphone in 2007 and has accelerated in recent years with the addition of wearable devices, including the Apple Watch.

Influencing Your Guests Experience

By providing a guest digital compendium that is accessible on your guests own devices, you have an opportunity to influence their decision-making process, for what they do during their stay, from anywhere.

When a guest decides to stay at your hotel, apartment, resort etc., they are buying into not just the rooms you offer, but also the facilities and services available, both at your property and in the local area, contributing to the overall experience.

The local places and events available to your guests, listed in the Near Me section of our Hinfo Digital Hotel Compendium, are all recommendations from your property.

Every part of your guest's stay contributes towards your property's overall guest satisfaction. When you get an overall high satisfaction, it becomes much easier to justify (or increase) your nightly rates, leading to more revenue etc.

It is likely that your traditional printed compendiums, have at least one paid advertisement from a local business. Our digital solution allows your property to include more ads in an environmentally sustainable way, for local places and events and track the level of engagement for each with the anonymous guest usage analytics.

Always Accessible Digital Compendium - Use Case Scenarios

With our contactless digital solution always being accessible by your guests, anywhere they go with their devices, it's worth exploring the use case scenario that are viable with our solution, but not with any other solution.

These are all possible with our solution and not others, mainly due to their formats being restricted to your guest rooms for several reasons.

At the Beach or Pool Deciding on Dinner

Pool at a Resort

This one is a classic!

Imagine as a family, you are at the pool or down at the beach and suddenly realised you need to decide what to do for dinner.

The information you have in your paper-based or TV-based compendiums are restricted to your guest rooms and cannot be viewed instantly at the pool or beach.

The alternatives to Hinfo, result in one of the parents going back to their guest room, make an ultimate decision without discussing with the rest of the family, before returning to the pool or beach (if not going back and forth multiple times).

Hinfo makes situations like these much easier, by allowing the whole family to stay together at the pool or beach when making these important decisions.

This leads to an improved guest experience for the whole family, by eliminating these awkward situations from happening.

Where to go for Lunch after Morning Activity

Salad for Lunch

You may have gone out to a local attraction for your morning activity. It's approaching lunchtime and you are not close to any cafes or restaurants, food courts etc.

By joining Hinfo, you will be providing your guests a definitive list of recommended cafes and restaurants etc. to visit nearby.

Based on the details you provide your guests, they will be able to view the menus at each cafe and restaurant then get directions there, all with minimal effort. This removes yet another obstacle your guests would have during their stay.

Local independent cafes and restaurants may not have a strong online presence, making our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium a perfect solution for increasing their business. In some areas, these local places rely on foot traffic rather than being online to promote themselves.

Emergency Contact Details

Hinfo on Android Emergency Details Screen

We hope that no guest needs to visit a local doctor, dentist, optometrist or hospital during their stay.

Our Hinfo services makes it more comforting to your guests in knowing that wherever they are, they will always have a definitive list of local recommended services when someone needs urgent medical attention.

These use cases are just a few real-world scenarios, that shows how more versatile and accessible our Hinfo service is, compared to other traditional and digital hotel solutions. Your existing compendium solution is restricted to your guest rooms, for several reasons and you can lift these limitations for your guests, by upgrading to our Hinfo solution.

To get started with our always accessible Hinfo guest digital solution, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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