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Why Your Hotel Compendium Should Be Within Arm's Reach for Guests

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In a connected world, people always want to have access to information, anywhere, anytime.

This is noticeable by people always carrying their smartphones with them and even wearing smart watches including the Apple Watch.

If a guest does not have access to your compendium information and all the details included, such as recommendations for local places and events, you are missing a major opportunity to influence where they may want to visit next.

Every part of your guest's stay contributes towards the overall guest satisfaction and when you get a high satisfaction average, it becomes much easier to justify your nightly rates.

Any paid advertising in your traditional printed compendiums are also more likely to result in a sales conversion if it were in a digital compendium that your guests always have with them.

This is probably best described with a few guest scenarios:

At the beach or pool deciding on dinner

This one is a classic.

Imagine as a family, you are at the property's pool or down at the local beach, and suddenly realised you need to do for dinner.

The information you have in your paper-based or TV-based guest directories are in the room and cannot be viewed instantly at the pool.

Since it would take a lot of effort to go back to the room, you would miss the opportunity to recommend local restaurants, takeaway shops or your own in-house dining options.

With guests having this information on them, either parent could look at the options on their smartphone they keep by the pool, discuss with the other parent while with their kids in the pool and even call to make a booking, all while not leaving the pool area. They can then get back to enjoying their time in the pool, knowing that they have got lunch or dinner sorted.

Where to go for lunch after morning activity

You may have taken the family out to a local attraction nearby. It's approaching lunch-time and you are not close to any cafes or restaurants to visit.

Having access to Hinfo will allow guests to look up a local recommended cafe or restaurant provided by your property to decide where they want to go for lunch.

Based on the details provided by each property, guests will see the recommended cafe or restaurant menus and get directions to it.

This is especially handy for local independent cafes who may not have a website or a strong online presence, but could be the best cafe in the local area.

Emergency contact details

We hope no guest should need to use the local doctor, dentist, optometrist and hospital information that you provide us for Hinfo, but it is comforting for guests to know that they have that information on them, wherever they go.

In a scenario where any health-related incident was to arise, having these contact details for guests to know where to access these services, will only help the situation.

These are just a few real-world scenarios that show how much more useful Hinfo is compared to a standard paper-based or TV-based hotel compendium that's restricted to your guest rooms/apartments.

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