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Why is Minimal Internet Usage Important for Guest Digital Compendiums?

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When it comes to doing anything on the internet, there are two factors among others that result in fast downloading times, the download size and the internet download speed.

With Hinfo, we have some control to influence the download size required by each guest, but we cannot control the internet speed at each property.

Since launch, we have been aiming to reduce the download required by guests for the following scenarios:

For the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store, here is just a quick comparison of some approximate download sizes from each App Store.

Name iPhone and iPad (Install Size) Android
Hinfo 16MB 5MB
Average - Early 2017 [1] 38MB 15MB
Facebook 257MB 53MB
eBay 174MB 34MB
AFL Live 165MB 36MB

The chart above applies both for initial download and updates for iPhone/iPad apps as they download the full app each time you update them. Android apps vary in update size depending on changes and the current version installed.

We encourage properties to recommend to guests to keep the Hinfo app on their device since it takes up so little space, so next time they stay at another property that is part of the Hinfo service, all they need to do is select the new property they are staying at.

For the download required during login, Hinfo requires between 1-25MB to login to a particular property with default settings and depending on the amount of content provided by the property's management, and up to 35MB plus general web browsing data usage, during a guests stay of multiple nights.

Premises that aren't yet on the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia, are likely receiving internet speeds at a max of 10Mbps (megabits per second) for guests in their rooms/apartments. At this consistent speed and not catering for any substantial internet traffic near your property or from Apple and Google's App Stores, here is just how long it would take to download an app from the App Store.

Name iPhone and iPad Android
Hinfo 15 seconds 6 seconds
Average - Early 2017 [1] 47.5 seconds 19 seconds
Facebook 5 minutes 21 seconds 1 minute 6 seconds
eBay 3 minutes 38 seconds 43 seconds
AFL Live 3 minutes 26 seconds 45 seconds

As the industry converts from printed hotel compendiums, to a digital hotel app and website based hotel compendium that has lots of benefits to it, you want this additional step for each of your guests to be as minimal as possible.

To see how fast your internet connection is for your guests, connect to the Wi-Fi at your property and go to, click on Go and notice the download speed. The greater the download and upload numbers are, the faster your internet is.

We hope you can see that Hinfo does use very little internet download when your guests come to use it, whether it be on Wi-Fi or each of your guests own mobile data.

Bigger is not always better!


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