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Why is Minimal Internet Usage Important for Guest Digital Compendiums?

6min read

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Person Using Hinfo on iPhone in City

When it comes to doing anything online from watching videos, to streaming music, to viewing webpages like this, there are always two main factors that determine how quickly it downloads to your device.

Download Speed

This is largely dependent on the type of internet connection you have which is any one of:

  • Wi-Fi,
  • Ethernet (cable), or
  • Cellular/Mobile Data.

Wi-Fi connections in most cases have a slower speed than a cable-based connection, due to factors such as:

  • Number of Devices in Close Proximity of Each Other,
  • Distance Between Wi-Fi Router and Device Used and
  • Number of Walls between the router and each device.

4G cellular connections available through networks like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc. has a much faster connection, unless you are in very crowded environments, such as a football stadium. These scenarios will be even less of an issue after 5G internet gets mass adoption, which every major phone network in the world has already begun rolling out.

Your internet speed is defined as megabits per second or Mbps for short. The higher this number is, the faster the internet is. To put it simply, a 50Mbps connection is 2 times faster than a 25Mbps.

Here are the quick statistics for maximum theoretical speed and real-world speed via each connection type, that your guests are to likely use during their stay.

Connection Type Wi-Fi (802.11ac) 4G LTE Cellular 5G Cellular
Maximum Theoretical 1,300Mbps 150Mbps 4,200Mbps (mmWave 5G)
Real-World Speeds Up to 200Mbps 20Mbps 100-600Mbps on Telstra 5G in Sydney, Australia.

These real-world speeds are dependent on having no obstructions or heavy traffic in your area. For Wi-Fi real world speeds, it also depends on your internet service provider's (ISP) speed that you are paying for.

Download Size

The size of what you are downloading is largely dependent on the type of files you are downloading and how detailed they are.

For example, the download size of a 2-megapixel image is nothing compared to a 1080p video, as the image is a still shot, whereas videos have anywhere from 24 to 60 frames per second (FPS), which acts as images per second.

For our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, we have some control on the amount of download that is required from your guests end.

We are always striving to make our service more efficient, which makes everything download faster on your guests own devices, regardless of the type of internet connection they are using.

Since launch, we have been aiming to reduce the download required by guests for the following scenarios, without compromising the guest experience:

  • The app download from the Apple App Store and Google Play,
  • The app updates from the Apple App Store and Google Play,
  • Download required for text and images etc. after guests select your property and
  • Download required after entering your property on our Hinfo service.

App Downloads Comparison

Popular App Icons on Android Home Screen

Here is a comparison for how our little download our Hinfo app uses, compared to other popular apps the majority of people use regularly.

Only the app downloads are listed and does not include any internet data usage when using them.

Apple does not list the download size on the App Store, but rather the amount of storage it takes up on people's devices.

App iPhone and iPad (Install Size) Android (Download Size)
Hinfo 18.2MB (Up to 9.3MB to download) 5.19MB
Facebook 274.2MB 63.10MB
Twitter 166.5MB 35.32MB
Instagram 189MB 37.36MB
YouTube 243.9MB 36.5MB
TikTok 257.6MB 61.43MB
Facebook Messenger 76.7MB 46.63MB
WhatsApp 116.2MB 31.88MB
Snapchat 229.1MB 68.24MB
Zoom Cloud Meetings 99.2MB 46.47MB
Netflix 100.6MB 18.62MB
Disney+ 118.5MB 17.47MB
Spotify 153.6MB 27.14MB
Uber 347.2MB 64.33MB
Uber Eats 283.9MB 53.10MB
DoorDash 235MB 33.00MB
eBay 121.7MB 43.99MB
Reddit 246.2MB 71.47MB
MyFitnessPal 106.8MB 37.4MB
Commbank (Australian Bank) 157.5MB 57.29MB
Google Maps 216.7MB 27.34MB
My Telstra (Australian Phone Network) 175.9MB 54.94MB
Service Victoria (VIC Australia Contact Tracing) 46.9MB 21.14MB

All figures are as of mid December 2021.

The iPhone install sizes are based on an iPhone X running iOS 15.2. Newer models of iPhone will have smaller app downloads, due to only the latest versions of iOS being supported on that device.

The Android download sizes are based on a Pixel 4a running Android 12.0. For the majority of Android devices out there, there is very little difference in download between each type of device.

Any app updates provided on Apple devices have to be downloaded in full (at the time of writing), but Android only downloads the changes made, since the version you have currently installed.

We encourage properties to recommend their guests to keep the Hinfo app on their devices, since it takes up so little space. This will allow guests to be ready for the next property they stay at, to only need to look up the property they are staying at, without needing to go through the extra steps redownloading the app.

This process is done the same way as for example, keeping the Uber app on their smartphone for when they next need a ride.

For guests using the app, after download Hinfo typically requires anywhere between 1-30MB to download your property's details offline. During any guests stay, depending on the duration, the data they could use depending on the amount of data for viewing webpages and videos in the app.

App Download Times

As explained at the top of the blog post, one of the big factors of how long it takes to download content from the internet, is how fast the download speed is.

When you combine the download speed and download size together, it will help you get a more thorough idea as to how long it would take to download.

If we take the app downloads from earlier, we can get a more thorough idea how long it will take to download. The basis of all figures below is on a 10Mbps download speed that does not vary during the process.

App iPhone and iPad (Install Size) Android (Download Size)
Hinfo 7.4 seconds
(based on our download size)
4 seconds
Facebook 3mins 39 seconds 50 seconds
Twitter 2min 13 seconds 28 seconds
Instagram 2mins 31 seconds 30 seconds
YouTube 3mins 15 seconds 29 seconds
TikTok 3mins 26 seconds 49 seconds
Facebook Messenger 61 seconds 37 seconds
WhatsApp 1min 33 seconds 26 seconds
Snapchat 3mins 3 seconds 55 seconds
Zoom Cloud Meetings 1min 19 seconds 37 seconds
Netflix 1min 20 seconds 15 seconds
Disney+ 1min 35 seconds 14 seconds
Spotify 2mins 3 seconds 22 seconds
Uber 4mins 38 seconds 43 seconds
Uber Eats 3mins 47 seconds 42 seconds
DoorDash 3min 8 seconds 26 seconds
eBay 1mins 37 seconds 35 seconds
Reddit 3mins 17 seconds 57 seconds
MyFitnessPal 1min 25 seconds 30 seconds
Commbank (Australian Bank) 2mins 6 seconds 46 seconds
Google Maps 2mins 53 seconds 22 seconds
My Telstra (Australian Phone Network) 2mins 21 seconds 44 seconds
Service Victoria (VIC Australia Contact Tracing) 38 seconds 17 seconds

All calculations are completed here. https://downloadtimecalculator.com

Please note the app download sizes are smaller than the install sizes listed in the original table, but all calculations are treated as though that's the app download size for consistency reasons, since the iPhone app download sizes are not public listed on the App Store.

The Digital and Contactless Step

We recognize that the difference between our solution and others on the market, is that there is an additional step on the guest's part, before accessing the details.

This step is necessary, when providing a fully contactless solution to your guests and you would want this process, to be as quick as possible.

The longest components of this process relate to the time to download our app or visit Hinfo.com and then the time to download the property details.

By minimizing the amount of download required for each of these steps, will make this process faster for all guests, regardless of the internet speeds available to them at the premises.

To see how fast the internet speed is for you, in your area, via any type of internet connection, we recommend using the Speedtest website or the Speedtest app.

In this increasingly digital world, every piece of software, document and multimedia file should always be striving to be as efficient as possible. This will make the internet faster for everyone, regardless of the type of connection they have, while also reducing the amount of traffic on the network leading to a more reliable network.

We are doing our part with the Hinfo service, so you can have the peace of mind that the extra step on the guest's part, to receive all of the benefits of our service, is as minimal as possible.

To get started with our easily accessible Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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