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Why Guests Should Always Have Access to Emergency Details

4min read

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Hinfo Local Services Section on iPhone 12

Having access to valuable information, when in a time-sensitive and stressful situation can be very helpful.

If any of your guests were to be involved in an emergency situation during their stay, it is comforting for them to know that they always have access to all the local services details your property recommends, wherever they are during their stay.

We do of course hope that none of your guests will be involved in any urgent health/medical situations, but we strive to make our service as helpful as possible should a stressful and urgent situation occur.

Now you may be asking yourself, how is this possible?

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium allows your guests to access your in-room hotel compendium details via our mobile app and web-based solution, from anywhere they go with their own devices.

With most people carrying their own smartphone everywhere they go, your guests can easily access the list of recommend local services in the case of an emergency.

Use Cases

Here are several types of details you can provide and how they could be used in the real-world, if such an event were to occur:

Medical Services (Dentist, Doctor, Hospital, Optometrist, Pharmacy)

If a guest requires urgent medical attention, having access to local medical services can save your guest’s valuable time. It might be for a broken tooth, broken eyeglasses, misplaced daily medication, feeling unwell or an injury.

Having access to all the local medical services your property recommends, eliminates most of the decision-making process in these time-sensitive situations.

For each of these services, you can list names, address and hours, along with instant access to all of these via tappable buttons:

  • View their website,
  • Dial their phone number and
  • Get walking/driving directions to each location instantly.

Fire Safety and Evacuation

For your guests safety, you can include information in our Emergency Details section for your ‘Fire Safety and Evacuation’ procedures.

This can include instructions such as your fire evacuation point, using the stairs instead of the lift in a multi-storey building, through to stop, drop and roll in extreme situations.

You can include both text details and an image for this section, to better visually explain how to react. The image provided here would be complementary to the evacuation point sign you have on the back of your main guest room doors.

Natural Disasters

The Emergency Details section built into Hinfo also allows you to provide details for any natural disasters you are prone to in your part of the world.

These include Bushfires/Wildfires, Cyclone/Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, Tsunamis and Volcanos.

For each of these natural disasters, you can provide a local emergency phone number and/or website link for guests to seek immediate updates. E.g., if the bushfires were moving quickly towards you.

You can also provide a link to an instructional video that explains how best to react when these natural disasters occur, which is something printed hotel compendiums cannot do.

Health and Safety in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 Virus

With the global pandemic having a lasting effect on the hospitality and tourism industry, the health and safety measures your property has in place demonstrates how serious your property is dealing with the virus.

The Health and Safety section within our Hinfo service is available as the first option in the Home tab and has been renamed to COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.

This section will allow you to explain all measures you have in place and that your guests need to adhere to, including mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing and increased cleaning procedures.

If your local council/county or government were to also update the local laws to reduce the spread of the virus during a state of emergency, you can provide these updates to your guests via an information update and these new details are delivered to all of your guests instantly.

Real Life Scenario

One of our New Zealand client properties has made us aware of this real life use-case scenario when accessing the local services section.

"I recently had a call from a guest who had downloaded Hinfo and checked it out before arriving in Hawke's Bay. Unfortunately, her husband became very ill while they were exploring and she remembered that we had the local Health Centre details in the app. She only had to click on the icon and it instantly brought up Google Maps with directions to the Clinic, clinic hours, phone number etc. He received the urgent medical attention he required without any panic or stress from these out of town guests."

This real-life situation highlights how having these valuable details on hand, allows guests to seek the urgent medical attention they need immediately, whilst making the situation less stressful and tense.

Because you know your local area better than anyone else, the local area details you provide will be valuable and time saving to help make an emergency situation better.

To join our always accessible Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, get started by contacting us via the enquiry form below.

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