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Why Does Hinfo Exist?

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Hinfo is the 21st century digital hotel compendium, developed in Melbourne Australia and is the upgrade your property's needs.

Hinfo benefits all properties of all types and sizes, including but not limited too:

We all live in a mobile and connected world. A world, where people expect be able to access any information they want and communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, within arm's reach.

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Current compendiums found in properties around the globe have too many limitations, to be considered the perfect 'delivery vehicle' for guest compendium information.

For example, paper-based compendiums:

As another example, in-room TV-based compendiums:

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When developing Hinfo, we looked at all of the current limitations of paper and TV-based hotel compendiums, so we could then turn these restrictions into features of Hinfo.

Compared to printed hotel compendiums, Hinfo:

As you will see on our website and across all posts we make in this blog, Hinfo is the best 'delivery vehicle' when it comes to your properties guest compendium information.

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