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Benefits of Unlimited Information Updates with Auto Updates for Management

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In the digital world we live in, there are no excuses for hotel compendium information to be out of date.

One of the key reasons we developed Hinfo, was to make it very easy for management at each property to update the content provided in their guest directories.

Hinfo provides unlimited information updates, which is unlimited updates to the content your property provides to us to display on the Hinfo service, under your property's listing for guests to see.

Here are 3 benefits of unlimited information updates and how this feature can be used best by your property's management.

1. Update When On Your Mind

Your management team likely has experienced this scenario multiple times in the past.

You get alerted by a local business or a guest that there is a new phone number or incorrect web address for example. You acknowledge the changes, but you cannot justify updating your compendiums in every room or apartment to accommodate this single change and only see it worthwhile if there are at least a few things to update.

Hinfo allows you to provide us these changes via our Hinfo Content Management System (CMS) at anytime.

2. Frequency of Updates

In a similar situation, you may have just re-printed your compendiums and you then become aware of an update or error shortly afterwards. It would then be a costly and time consuming exercise to make these changes and re-print all of your compendiums.

We know this happens in the real world and you should not have to be restricted to updating all of your information at the same time.

3. Speed of Delivering Updates

For the few times that paper-based hotel compendiums are reprinted, it takes time to make sure all of the details are accurate, the spelling and grammar is correct and to manually replace the compendiums in each room or apartment.

Providing updates through the Hinfo Content Management System dramatically reduces the time required at your property to maintain your compendium information.

We take responsibility for the layout and design of the service (whilst using your property's preferred colours and fonts), so you no longer need too.

Upgrading to a digital hotel compendium with Hinfo will allow your property, to keep all of your information up to date and current, very easily.

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