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Benefits of Unlimited Information Updates with Auto Delivery for Management

5min read

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In today's digital world, there are no longer any excuses for hotel compendiums to be out of date.

There is nothing more frustrating from a guest's perspective, when they realize that a price has increased, a time has changed and/or a contact detail has changed.

One of the driving factors we had to develop Hinfo initially, was to make it very easy for management to update your compendium details for all guests, as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Hinfo provides unlimited information updates with automatic delivery, which is unlimited updates to the content your property provides to us, to display on the Hinfo service under your property's listing for guests to see.

All information updates for your property are published via our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System), accessible from any web browser. This is achieved by completing the following 4 easy steps each-time:

  1. Login to your Hinfo CMS account allocated to your property,
  2. Navigate to the respective section you want to update details for,
  3. Update the details in that section (text, images, PDFs etc.) and click on submit at the bottom of that section, and
  4. When you are ready for all updates to go live, for all your guests, click on the 'Publish Updates Now' button.

And that's it!

Now every guest, in every guest room, has received your information updates, individually and instantly.

There are several benefits from having unlimited information updates for your hotel compendium details, and here are just 5 of them.

Update When on Your Mind

Imagine printing your hotel compendiums entirely and you realize after delivering to all your guest rooms, that there is a spelling mistake.

The only cost effective and viable solution to this, is to generate a list of changes to make when you next update your compendium details, assuming you don't misplace it. This list would consist of pricing changes, new times for local attractions, accidental spelling and grammar errors etc.

The biggest compromise of going down this route is the unknown length of time, that your guests are still seeing the spelling mistake or outdated details.

A great solution for your property's management, should allow anyone from your management team, to fix the mistake in just a couple of minutes. This will provide your team the peace of mind, that you have one less thing to worry about.

Frequency of Updates

We all know that printed compendiums do not get updated as regularly as they should.

There are multiple reasons behind this, with the main ones being:

  • Cost of materials to update details in each room,
  • Labour and associated cost to deliver to each room, and
  • Very limited opportunities to spend multiple hours updating details.

By joining our Hinfo service, not only will you have the ability to release information updates unlimited times, but also be relieved that it saves you hours and associated costs, to make this possible instead of via paper.

With unlimited information updates, providing updates when on your mind and having limited time to do this, all goes hand in hand to create a dynamic step forward in the level of communication you provide to your guests.

When your guests discover a piece of information that is no longer accurate, they will have a negative experience from being misled. Unlimited Information Updates allow you to significantly minimize or eliminate this scenario from happening again, contributing to an overall improved guest experience.

Speed of Delivering Updates

Woman Updating Details in Hinfo CMS on a Windows PC

The information updates you provide through Hinfo, not only cost your property no extra money, but are also delivered to all your guests, instantly.

With the power of the internet, your property's Wi-Fi and all your guest's own cellular data on their smartphones etc., you can deliver your details to your guests much faster.

Imagine having to replace a single page in each hotel compendium in every guest room to fix a simple spelling mistake. You would have to wait for the guests to depart from each room and likely get your cleaners to swap it over for you.

If this process took 15mins to update the single page, on your computers at reception and print 50 copies for 50 rooms, then an extra minute to swap over in each guest room, this adds up to over an hour of work collectively to update the details.

Also, with not every guest room changing over every day, it's also hard to keep track of which rooms have the updated sheet, which only makes this process lengthier to complete.

With Hinfo, you can make these types of situations, a thing of the past!

Cost Savings

If it takes you a minimum of an hour of labour to update a single page in your hotel compendiums in all guest rooms, that is time you should instead be able to reinvest into other areas of your day-to-day operations, which cannot be automated.

The cost for this scenario, with all associated costs combined, could very well match or exceed the cost of our service, for a single month depending on your property size.

With Hinfo being a fully contactless solution, this also eliminates the resources you need to replace in each room, to deliver the information updates.

Our solution is also the most cost-effective digital solution when it comes to delivering information updates. When you compare our Hinfo service to TV-based solutions that require an adapter for each TV, or by investing in hotel tablets in each room, it will take years, if not decades, for our service to price match these alternatives.

Advertising Benefits

Your property may decide to offset our cost-effective service, with the use of advertising.

The Near Me section in our Hinfo service, allows you to promote local places and events that your property recommends.

You may want to sell these slots to local businesses, at a cost on a monthly or annual basis, then sell them based on the position in the list of local places. E.g. charge more for the 1st slot, which will get more views from your guests.

The way our unlimited information updates fit into this, is by providing you full control on when you can change the ordering of the places and events you want to list.

If a local place is paying to put an advertisement directly out to your guests, you can also update the pricing and hours etc. for them, at no extra cost. This is not possible with paper compendiums.

As you can see, there are several benefits for having unlimited information updates for your property, particularly in relation to time and cost compared to other solutions on the market.

You won't find another digital solution on the market that is as cost-effective as ours, with this much flexibility for updating details.

To get started with our easily updatable Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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