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Benefits of Unlimited Information Updates with Auto Delivery for Guests

3min read

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In the digital world, there are no excuses for content being out of date!

One of the key reasons we developed Hinfo, was to make sure guests always had access to the most up to date information for your property and the local area.

Hinfo provides unlimited information updates, which is unlimited updates to the content your property provides to us to display in Hinfo.

There are many benefits for why our unlimited information updates service is great for your guests:

Accurate Property Details

  • Your property may have just upgraded the Wi-Fi system everywhere with a new network name and password.
  • Appliances need to be upgraded occasionally and these will have different operating instructions for basic functions.
  • In the off-peak season you might have slightly more relaxed rules for your on-site tennis court.
  • All these real-world scenarios are catered for with unlimited information updates, so you no longer need to confuse guests with details that are not relevant during their stay.

Accurate Phone Numbers, Web Addresses and Street Address

Your current guest directories have advertisements for local takeaway shops, such as pizza for example. They could change their phone number, get a new website built, or relocate.

With unlimited information updates, you can now provide the most up to date and accurate information as you are aware of it.

Accurate Hours

  • A restaurant for example may have different hours depending on seasonal changes, or they may be under new management and they decide to extend their hours.
  • Local attractions most likely have slightly different hours on public holidays or during school holidays.
  • Most properties have different pool hours to accommodate for daylight saving in summer.
  • Unlimited information updates allow for new hours to be updated frequently. You don't want a guest to plan their whole day around going to a particular location, to then realize that they are closed or can only stay a short time, due to a change of hours.

Accurate Pricing

We have all seen it at least once. The price for an item in the mini bar, or something to hire at an hourly or daily rate, or even a restaurant menu and they cross the line through it and write the new price next to it.

The problem with this from a guest perspective, is that they feel ripped off knowing that they must pay more for the exact same service.

With unlimited information updates, you can provide us the most up to date pricing, so it no longer shows old pricing and removes any negative thoughts from guests.

Near Me Events

The idea of an event is that it is only temporary. This could be an outdoor cinema experience, special show on at the local theme park, or even the local arts and crafts market.

Your property can update the details for events that are nearby on a frequent basis and as you know of new upcoming events.

There is no need to manually remove the event immediately after it has passed, as the service will automatically hide it if you provide an expiry date.

As you can see, upgrading to a digital compendium will allow you to provide a more complete and up to date experience for your guests.

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