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5 Benefits of Using Your Guests Own Devices for Hotel Compendiums

15min read

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Woman in Jacket Using Smartphone

It has always been assumed that properties are expected to provide tangible compendium details and provide access to property services in every guest room, using their preferred hardware or resources of choice.

We are living in a connected world, now more than ever!

The latest compendium format on the market is our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium. Hinfo is accessible on your guests own smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. that they are already bringing to your property during their stay.

Our Hinfo service is at the cutting edge, ushering in a new world in the accommodation industry.

A world where every guest can access details about the property and local area they are staying at, just as easily as requesting a ride, ordering takeaway or communicating with friends and family.

Our unique implementation brings with it these 5 main benefits for your property's management and guests.


It is not only assumed a tangible compendium had to be provided in each guest room, but that they are restricted to the bounds of each guest room.

Our Hinfo service finally opens the door, for your compendium details to go with your guests wherever they go.

Your guests are already bringing their own smartphones, tablets and/or laptops to your property to use during their stay. Your guests' smartphones also go with them everywhere during their stay, allowing your property's services and compendium details to be more connected and accessible than ever before!

Smartphones are pocket computers and do a lot for us. The amount of power and accessibility to information/services they provide, in an incredibly portable form factor, is what has helped create a technological shift in many industries, over the last decade in particular.

This benefit is just one of the biggest differentiators for Hinfo, compared to other solutions on the market.

We recommend viewing our blog post on why your hotel compendium should be within arm's reach for your guests.

No Hardware to Maintain

In the connected world we live in today, there is no need to provide single purpose hardware and resources in each guest room.

Paper and leather compendiums, TV adapters and hotel tablets are all no longer necessary to provide a great guest experience.

All contact-based guest solutions are also susceptible to damage, when you factor in all of the guests that stay in a single guest room.

For paper compendiums, your cleaners would have to constantly check on each guest changeover if the copy provided is still in great condition. These folders do wear out over time and simply spilling a coffee or water over them, is enough to damage them, before the next guests arrive.

Hotel Tablets in this same scenario, have an even greater list for the cleaners to check each time. Some of these are not even possible to check within the up to 30mins to clean a guest room.

With your guests already charging their own devices at your property each day, our solution results in no additional impact on the environment. Our internal research found that the average LED TV today, uses the same amount of electricity in 7 minutes, as it does to charge the average smartphone, which typically has 5 hours of screen on time.

Our contactless solution results in less tasks for your cleaners on each changeover.

The only thing you need to provide in each guest room is a copy of our Guest Getting Started Sheet, which you can also provide at reception.

Significant Cost Savings

Woman in Jacket Using Smartphone

By allowing your guests to use their own devices, you no longer need to provide dedicated resources, such as printed compendiums, hotel tablets or adapter for your TVs just to provide your details.

Each of these methods alone make up the majority of the overall cost to provide access to your hotel compendium details in each room.

By eliminating these unnecessary resources, you can reinvest that money into a digital solution that provides infinitely more value for money compared to any other.

Imagine your property adopted a digital solution, that offers all of the following for less financially, than your current solution.

Our Hinfo service is available to properties on a subscription basis (pre-paid annually or monthly), which works out significantly cheaper upfront and cheaper over several years.

We recommend viewing our blog post on the 3 reasons why Hinfo is a subscription-based service.


Many would argue that the smartphone market has peaked in terms of innovation and major improvements year over year. Almost everyone is now holding onto their smartphones longer these days.

Given it has now been over 13 years, since the original modern-day smartphone was announced back in 2007, people have become set in their own ways for the devices and platforms they would prefer to use on a daily basis.

You do not know many of your family or friends, switching from Android to Apple or vice versa in the last few years.

Everyone has become set in their ways for using technology. Some people prefer the persistent back button on Android, otherwise prefer the single press home button or single swipe up from the bottom on iPhones.

This is just one design convention, that people have got accustomed too over the last several years and they do not want to break their own habits.

A great piece of software adapts to the user, not the user having to adapt to the software!

This is why our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium is available as an iPhone app, iPad app, Android app and on our Hinfo.com website in a desktop and mobile format.

This means guests can use any device and access your service with a familiar navigation system, that they will already be used too, from all other apps and software on their device.

Individual Copy for Each Guest

Your property most definitely only provides a single copy of your compendium details in each guest room. The main reason behind this is most commonly financial related.

With everyone already bringing their own smartphones to your property, in addition to the tablets (such as iPads) and laptops (such as Windows Laptops or Apple MacBooks), there is no excuse why they all should not be able to access your property's services and compendium details, independently.

Back to the financial side of this, if your property has 50 rooms and all of them can cater for up to 4 guests each, at AU$25 per compendium this would add up to AU$5,000 upfront.

This is also only to support English.

If you wanted to support multiple languages including the other 5 we currently support, you would be looking at AU$25,000 upfront and does not factor in the substantial cost, to get your details manually translated into each language.

For comparison, if you were to join Hinfo on an annual basis and use our Auto Translate for all languages, it would take you over 35 years to break-even, with the printed compendium scenario above. Also, the content in them would require dozens of information updates during that duration.

With history telling us that you only need to provide one compendium in each room, you no longer have to limit yourself!

As you can tell, there are several benefits to upgrade your existing guest compendiums to our digital solution.

To get started with our always accessible Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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