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3 Resources Hotel Compendiums Should Not Need

10min read

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In the 21st century, properties should not need to have dedicated resources in each guest room to provide your compendium information.

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium is accessible on your guests own devices, which is a more sustainable and cost effective solution, compared to all other alternatives.

Pandemic Aftermath

In a world after the COVID-19 pandemic, properties are reassessing their daily operations, particularly their cleaning procedures.

One question your management team may be asking themselves right now, is what objects do you provide in your guest rooms, that do not need to be there to reduce cleaning time and associated costs?

The answer to this question is to look for contactless solutions, meaning new solutions that eliminate the need for lots of people to handle said objects.

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium is the contactless answer for hotel compendiums after the 2020 worldwide pandemic.

3 Resources Not Needed

With or without going through the Coronavirus pandemic, there are still 3 main resources your property can eliminate and/or significantly reduce, by joining Hinfo.

Paper and Leather Folders

Printed Hotel Compendiums in Leather Folders

Paper is a single use resource!

Every time your property prints a page for every guest room, you have to reprint that same page for every room again, when updating details.

This whole process is repeated again, just to change a simple phone number, web address, or even a simple spelling mistake.

Even if you recycle the old printed pages, you are still going through printer ink and significant amounts of soapy water, just to make the paper reusable again.

Did You Know: A single sheet of paper requires 3 gallons (11.36 litres) of water to produce.

These printed compendiums are also subject to wear and tear after typical usage, resulting in needing to be replaced after some period of time, even if miraculously, all details in them do not need updating.

The materials as well add up significantly financially, when you multiply out the number of guest rooms your property has.

For example, if your property has 20 guest rooms and it costs AU$25 to put a paper compendium in each room (including all labour), the cost is equivalent to 1.5 years of becoming a Hinfo member. Hinfo however, offers several other benefits offering a significantly greater value for money proposition.

Excessive Staff Labour

Updating your in-room paper compendiums requires these 4 steps:

  1. Type the updated details on your computer,
  2. Print each sheet for each guest room,
  3. Put each compendium together manually for each guest room, and
  4. Swap the compendiums over during each changeover of guests in each room.

Our Hinfo Digital Hotel Compendium only requires you to type the new details into our CMS (Content Management System), accessible from any web browser, on any internet-connected device.

Hinfo represents a pivotal point in the history of compendiums, where every single guest, staying in every single guest room, receives your information updates at the same time, with minimal effort, on our cost-effective service.

A great metaphor for this scenario is upgrading from snail mail to email.

Snail mail involves a money stamp, every time you send a letter which takes multiple days to deliver. Email on the other hand, allows you to send unlimited emails to anyone, providing you're paying for an internet connection for all other online tasks.

After the pandemic, printed compendiums and hotel tablets require more vigorous cleaning between changeover of guests, due to the nature of how much they are both handled by each guest.

If hypothetically, it took 2mins to thoroughly clean either the printed compendiums or hotel tablet in each room, with 15 guest changeovers on average per day out of 50 rooms, at AU$20 per hour in cleaning labour (ignoring the cleaning solution), this adds up to AU$3,650 per year.

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Solution with all of its other benefits included, is only 12.8% of this cost alone and is even less after factoring in the original costs to provide either of these solutions.

With the average hotel already taking up to 30mins to clean a checkout room, your cleaners do not want more pressure, having to complete an even larger checklist of items, to thoroughly clean each time.

Dedicated Electronic Hardware

One digital solution, with limited capabilities, is a TV compendium.

These TV solutions require a server at reception for all your guest room TVs to fetch details from, alongside an adapter to include in each TV.

Providing an adapter in each guest room TV alone, starts at AU$350 outright.

If hypothetically, you have only one TV adapter in each of your 50 guest rooms, this would calculate to AU$17,500 minimum, as an upfront investment and does not include the cost for a server at reception. That up-front cost is the same level of investment, as becoming a Hinfo member for over 37 years.

Another digital solution is providing an in-room hotel tablet to your guests.

This solution requires providing a hotel tablet and charging dock in each room, alongside on-going software charges to communicate between each room and the property's management.

When hotel tablets with charging docks costing around AU$500 each, for a 50-guest room property, this adds up to AU$25,000 upfront, before including any on-going software costs.

The upfront cost alone for a 50-room property providing hotel tablets, is the same level of investment, as becoming a Hinfo member for over half a century!

If any of these hotel tablets were damaged during this significant timeframe, there's also a substantial cost to get them replaced, to maintain the same experience for all guests in all rooms. Some properties in this scenario charge their guests a brokage fee, in the case of damage, which is not a positive experience.

Here's the titbit about both of these digital solutions. Neither of these hardware options are required!

What if you can give your guests the same hotel tablet software experience, without providing hotel tablets?

Hinfo is our cost-effective solution, that your guests can access on their own devices, wherever they are during their stay.

Your guests are far more likely to look after their own devices, rather than a device provided to them, since they spent their own money on them.

Particularly after the worldwide pandemic, your property no longer needs to and hygienically should no longer be providing dedicated resources in each room, to allow your guests to connected to your property services, alongside your property and local area details.

To get started with our contactless and cost-effective Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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