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3 Reasons Why Hinfo is a Subscription-Based Model

8min read

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Since launching Hinfo back in 2017, many properties have questioned why our service is sold on a subscription-based model.

We understand this is an entirely different way of thinking how you are paying for your hotel compendiums, but we strongly believe in the benefits of this for your property management, mainly for being a digital solution.

As you will quickly realize, our motivation from the beginning was always to be a subscription-based model, to help keep costs down for you, including over the long term.

Dramatically Lower Upfront Investment

All successful businesses rely on a positive cash flow.

Acquiring a new asset or service for any business is more manageable in smaller payments, than one large lump sum, especially if the latter is multiple thousands of dollars.

Our Hinfo service is available with either monthly or annual payment terms. Every property pays no more than one year in advance at a time.

Either of these add up to significantly less than any other digital solution and is cheaper for most property sizes up-front compared to paper-based hotel compendiums.

Here is how our service breaks down, compared to other guest compendiums, for multiple property sizes.

Number of Rooms


Paper Compendiums

TV Compendiums

Hotel Tablets

20 Rooms

$324 paid annually ($27 per month).


$35 paid monthly.




50 Rooms

$468 paid annually ($39 per month).


$47 paid monthly.




100 Rooms

$708 paid annually ($59 per month).


$67 paid monthly.




All pricing shown in the table above is in Australian Dollars as of July 2021, excludes GST and caters for only English.

Printed compendiums above are calculated at AU$30 each (including all labour) and only available as an upfront cost.

TV Compendium adapters are calculated based on the cheapest adapter required for one TV in each guest room at AU$350 each.

Hotel Tablets are calculated based on AU$500 for a tablet and charging dock in each guest room and the calculations are only for the hardware in each room. In most cases, this is also only available as a major up-front investment with on-going software charges.

Below is the time frame it would take to break even compared to our service, for both monthly and annual memberships.

Number of Rooms

Paper Compendiums

TV Compendiums

Hotel Tablets

20 Rooms

Annually: 1.85 years

Monthly: 1.43 years

Annually: 21.60 years

Monthly: 16.67 years

Annually: 30.86 years

Monthly: 23.81 years

50 Rooms

Annually: 3.21 years

Monthly: 2.66 years

Annually: 37.39 years

Monthly: 31.03 years

Annually: 53.42 years

Monthly: 44.33 years

100 Rooms

Annually: 4.24 years

Monthly: 3.73 years

Annually: 74.79 years

Monthly: 62.06 years

Annually: 106.84 years

Monthly: 88.65 years

Based on the calculations above, if you are a 20-room property that revamps your paper-based compendiums every 1.5 years, you would be no worse off financially compared to joining our service. Our Hinfo service, however, comes with all of these benefits.

Another comparison is that providing a hotel tablet in one guest room, costs more than our Hinfo service does when paid annually, for any property size.

If your property wanted their own mobile app and website solution, with the same feature set as our Hinfo service, it would require a six-figure upfront investment. The on-going maintenance cost for this would also be multiple times more than joining our Hinfo service annually.

In summary, small properties very likely cannot afford an alternative digital solution to ours and large properties will benefit from major cost savings.

On-going Support and Maintenance

Man on iMac Doing Development Work

Any piece of software or online service is like a car. They are initially in perfect condition, but a lack of on-going maintenance will lead to significant costly issues to fix.

All major online services receive continuous updates, even if it is for simple little fixes. Here's a list of popular iPhone apps and how many updates they received in the last several months.


Number of iPhone App Updates

Duration for All Updates

COVIDSafe Australia App


First Month



4 Months



5 Months



5 Months



5 Months



5 Months



6 Months



6 Months



7 Months

The New York Times


9 Months



10 Months

The Weather Channel


11 Months

All figures provided above are as of late May 2020.

This shows that all popular apps are regularly updated, at least weekly on average.

Even if each technical update took only 2 hours of development effort each, for 52 updates per year at an average hourly rate of AU$38.00 per hour, this adds up to AU$3952 per year at a minimum. Compared to our AU$468 max per year when paid annually, our service offers infinitely more value for money.

But why are these updates important?

Software that receives continuous updates are far more like meet the following criteria:

Any software service that has an up-front cost, has little to no incentive, to update their software, since there is no on-going financial incentive to do so.

Future-Proof Service with Continual Development

For every software-based business, if they were to include every feature possible and not have a single technical or security issue, the software would never be made publicly available.

This applies for Hinfo, online accounting software, social media networks etc.

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium has a roadmap for how we plan to continuously improve our service, with almost every feature on the roadmap being considered bonus over the current feature set.

We are open to supporting new operating systems and devices that have a decent acquisition in the consumer market. For example, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android make up around 95% of all smartphones worldwide, so it's not viable to support the other 5%, which is where our Hinfo.com website comes in to fill in the gaps.

The future, even for businesses like ours, is unpredictable.

The current trends in the tech space, suggest that foldable smartphones and tablets, along with smart watches and smart glasses will become a bigger part of the consumer market device in the years to come.

If you bought a digital hotel compendium solution outright today, your property will not be ready for the future, when guests staying at your device are using these new categories of portable devices.

This point alone is worth repeating!

Smartphones and tablets may not remain the only primary consumer devices several years from now, that your guests are using today. Investing your time and money into a service that will adapt to new technology trends, is a safer choice.

On top of all of this, the fact our solution is fully contactless makes our service compared to all other alternatives, priceless.

To conclude, our service is the most cost-effective solution on the market and provides the best value for money to properties of all types and sizes.

To get started with our cost-effective Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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