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3 Benefits of a Single Compendium Service for All Properties

3min read

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Most if not all internet services you use today on your smartphones, tablets and computers, can be defined as a central service.

This means they are designed for usage on a mass-scale with new users joining easily, at any time they wish.

This includes but is not limited too:

  • Ride Sharing
  • Streaming Audio/Video Services
  • Social Media
  • Video Calling
  • Online Money Transfer
  • Cloud Storage
  • Web Hosting
  • Business Marketing and CRM Services
  • Business Communication
  • Online Shopping

Social Impact of Shared Services

Many of the services listed above, have made it into day-to-day lingo. These include but are not limited to:

  • "We watched Netflix all night long."
  • "I'll FaceTime you later."
  • "Have you seen the Slack conversation?"
  • "Have you downloaded COVIDSafe yet?"
  • "I've gotta put this on insta." (meaning Instagram)
  • "Have you seen what Matt posted?" (referring to the social network they use most)

The biggest component all these services have in common, is that their business models is easily scalable to cater for demand, in each country etc.

A Single Digital Hotel Compendium For All Properties

Our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium is also a shared service that is easily scalable, with the power of the internet.

This is all possible with these 3 factors linking back to how our service is structured:

  1. Any property can join our service, easily, at any time.
  2. Hinfo caters for all guests (new or existing to our service), to access your property's services.
  3. Our business model is easily scalable, to handle any number of properties, in any country around the world.

When you compare our central digital compendium and compare it to any other digital offering on the market, here are the 3 main benefits of our implementation.

Lower Costs

With each property having their equal share of our servers, this helps lower the cost of your membership drastically.

A real-world example we like to compare our service to, is a gym membership. A gym pays for retail space, fitness equipment and the staff wages. All people with a gym membership for that location is contributing their share to keep that gym running.

Joining our Hinfo service compared to building your own equivalent solution, is a very small fraction of the cost and would take decades to match.

Many other digital solutions, including those that provide in-room hotel tablets, are not financially viable for the overwhelming majority of properties.

Hinfo, being a digital compendium that runs on your guests own devices, also works out cheaper and/or brings much more value to your property compared to other alternatives, for both your management and your guests.

Faster Development and Less Maintenance

Every time we release a new feature or maintenance update, all properties and guests receive these improvements at the same time.

This allows us to invest more time and effort, into developing more superior and efficient features, that more properties can benefit from.

One example of this, is that Hinfo is designed to be personalized to complement each property's own colours and fonts, which is separate for every property. This allows us to set each property's branding in minutes.

This benefit is also important, when you factor in the new hardware (e.g. iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices) and software (iOS and Android operating system updates) being released regularly.

Familiarity for Guests

When you have an experience that is the same for everyone at every property, it is much easier and welcoming experience.

With Facebook, Netflix and Uber Eats for example, the way you use these services are consistent regardless of where you are and what devices you are using to access them.

This is also how digital hotel compendiums should be!

The interface and navigation of our Hinfo service is designed specifically, to make it easy for your guests to use.

As you can see, our guest digital solution offers several benefits to your property management and your guests, compared to investing in any other digital or non-digital alternative.

To get started with our easy to setup Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please send us an enquiry via the form below.

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