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Did you know that 80% of all internet traffic, is video content!

Printed compendiums and many other digital solutions do not allow for video playback, for many of the headings included.

Hinfo allows you to provide your guests direct links to videos on YouTube, Vimeo and from your property's own website.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but a video is a whole lot more than that, especially compared to a few written details in a printed compendium.

Here are a few examples of how videos can further enhance the guest experience and increase sales internally.

Instructional How To Videos for On-Site Amenities

There are certain details that can be better explained via video format, including how to operate the dishwasher or use a keyless entry keypad at a holiday home.

Your property/holiday home group, can provide a how to video for each heading respectively, in addition to the text, image and PDF options.

We are the only service, that we know of, to support all 4 formats for property details.

Eureka Skydeck Video on Android Smartphone Held By Man In Landscape

Promoting Local Places/Events

Whether it is a local restaurant, tourist attraction or theme park, providing a link to a matching marketing video online will sell to guests the experience they will receive.

This helps for guests immensely during their decision-making process, particularly if they are deciding where to visit later that day or the next day.

Social Gathering at In-House Restaurant

Selling In-House Restaurant Experience

If your property has an in-house restaurant(s), providing a video that summarizes the menus you offer, what nights you have specials on a regular basis or a brief comment from the head chef, can all lead to a more personal connection with the guest when they are deciding whether to dine in with you, instead of elsewhere.

Emergency Evacuation Ceiling Sign

Emergency Instruction Videos

Providing videos for how to react in the case of an emergency can help make the situation less stressful for your guests.

If you provide an instruction video for your evacuation guidelines, including the meeting point, your guests will be able to better visualize which route they need to take.

For natural disasters including bushfires/wildfires, you can provide an overview video from your state/districts fire brigade that explains what to do in every situation.

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