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Multiple Support Options

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We are here for you and your guests, to answer any of your queries regarding our service.

Our service includes multiple options for answering your questions, including our dedicated support website for both management and guests.

You can also contact any of our staff directly, via either email or phone.

Support Website Example on Dell Monitor

Dedicated Support Website

We recognize that most people prefer to look up the answer to any questions they may have, without needing to reach out to each respective company directly every-time.

With almost 200 frequently asked questions included, we very likely have an answer to all of your questions regarding our digital compendium.

This support website is designed for both management during setup and after going live, along with any questions your guests may have when using our service.

Business Man Using Landline Phone

Phone and Email Support

If you have a unique questions regarding our service, or prefer to contact any of our staff directly, please contact us any of our staff directly or via the options below.

Phone: +61 1300 890 402

Email: [email protected]

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Learn more about our guest digital compendium and how it compares to other solutions on the market.

Please provide your email below and we will send you a copy of this free guide shortly.

We will not pass on your email to any 3rd parties.

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To enquire about our Hinfo service or request access to our demo, please provide your details below and we will contact you shortly.