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Secure Details

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Hinfo Secure Details on iPhone 12

Secure Details allows your property to hide certain details and lock certain services from being used to guarantee only your guests have access.

All features and locks on services listed on this screen are optional.

How Do Guests Verify Where They Are

There are two methods you can use to verify if guests are on-site.

Access Password

We allow properties to create access password to unlock all sensitive details.

This access password can be:

This password is only required once per device from your guests during their stay and will unlock all other features needed to eliminate the need to enter the same password multiple times.

This password is not required from all of your guests, until they want to use any one of the secured sections.

To view your sensitive compendium details, guests can tap on the padlock icon in the top right corner of the Amenities tab and enter the password.

Finding Property via Current Location (Optional)

You can allow guests to skip this process entirely, if they searched for your property via the 'Current Location' button on the initial search screen.

Use Cases

Here are a few potential use cases for using our Secure Details feature:

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