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Secure Details

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Secure Details allows your property to hide certain details and lock certain services from being used to guarantee only your guests have access.

All features and locks on services listed on this screen are optional.

The following features and services can be locked until verified.

We designed this feature to cater for the following:

Verification from your guests is only required once per stay and can be achieved via any of the following steps, if enabled.

Hinfo App - Secure Details Access Password Example

Access Password

We allow properties to create access password to unlock all sensitive details.

This is required for all properties utilising this feature.

The access password can be set individually for each room type and can either be short and numeric, or lengthy and alphanumeric with special characters (e.g. 1234 or SecUr3P4$sW0rD).

  • We recommend not using any easily guessable terms, including variants of your property's name.
  • The more secure the password is, the more secure your details/services will be.

This password is only required once per device from your guests during their stay and will unlock all other features at the same time.

This step is also not required from all your guests until, they want/need to use any of the secured sections.

To view your sensitive compendium details, guests can tap on the padlock icon in the top right corner of the Amenities tab and enter your access password.

Hinfo App - Find Property Screen with Current Location Option

Finding Property via Current Location (Optional)

You can allow guests to skip this process entirely, if they search for your property via the 'Current Location' button on the initial search screen, either via our mobile app or website.

Property on Hinfo.com Website inside Resort Guest Room

Viewing Property on Website via QR Code Access (Optional)

You can allow guests to skip this process entirely, if they access your property's details on our website, by scanning the provided QR code for your property (and each property separately for holiday homes).

This is only recommended if the QR code is provided in your guest rooms only, or inside each holiday home.

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