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A guest digital compendium should reflect the colours and branding of your property and/or accommodation group.

Hinfo Personalized in Multiple Colours and Fonts

Complementing Your Property's Branding

In addition to displaying your own images and text details, Hinfo can personalize every property individually to show the colours, fonts and text alignment that suit your property's branding.

Providing guests with a digital solution that reflects your property's branding, will illustrate to guests that Hinfo is a core part of your property's operations.

After guests select your property, every screen is personalized for your property's individual requirements, all the way from the loading screen through to the alerts that appear for respective options.

Hinfo App - Light Green Interface on iPhone 12

Show More Branding Then Via Printed Compendiums

Displaying your own colours and fonts is more viable than doing so with printed compendiums, especially compared to printing all pages in colour.

Our digital solution allows you to offer your guests an upgrade, that brings several major benefits, styled in your property's branding without breaking the bank.

Hinfo App - Amenities in Light and Dark Mode Vertical Split

Light Mode and Dark Mode

Our app and website both also support dark mode interfaces.

When enabled on the guest's device (either manually or scheduled to enable each night), guests will view a white on black interface to make it easier on the eyes at night.

This overrides the light mode or property branding colours applied and is by each guests own request.

Please visit our dedicated blog post to view how this is accessible on each type of device.

Man with Wine Glass Looking at Near Me in Hinfo App

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this take to setup?

Only a couple of minutes.

Will sections/services that are not in use appear?

These will be hidden if not in use, on a per property basis.

If our property undertakes a re-branding or want to make slight tweaks after the setup is completed, can we change our colours and fonts?

Yes, we can easily apply changes from our end.

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Man using Hinfo on iPhone Outside

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