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2min read

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Should a digital solution have to require a consistent internet connection, if there is no new information every 2 seconds?

When a guest has selected your property, our Hinfo mobile app will download all the relevant details including for their specific room type, offline.

Here are the primary benefits of implementing offline support into our mobile app.

Internet Graphic with Hands Reaching For Each Other

Reduced Internet Download

The Hinfo app saves guests having to re-download the same details to their smartphone/tablet via either their phone carrier's mobile data plan and/or allocated guest Wi-Fi allowance.

Saving this download, means that your guests will be able to get more mileage out of their own phone data plan and guest Wi-Fi allowance and helps to reduce more strain on your Wi-Fi networks, especially if it is not at ultrafast speeds.

Hinfo App - Loading Screen to Then Show

Very Responsive Interface

Saving your hotel compendium details offline in the mobile app on your guest's device, results in faster loading times when guests use Hinfo.

By eliminating the need to redownload details all the time, your guests receive a very response interface that loads based on your smartphones processing power, rather than the internet speed available.

This is possible via the loading screen illustrated which downloads and saves details offline, to deliver the responsive interface.

Access To Details with No Internet Connection

If your guests go to one of only a few areas that have little to no internet/phone coverage, they can still access all the details for your property and local area that was previously saved offline.

This is critical in the case of an emergency, where every second counts. By saving details offline, makes it much easier to access details when there is no internet.

To give you a real-life example, here is a use-case scenario one of our New Zealand member properties advised us.

"I recently had a call from a guest who had downloaded Hinfo and checked it out before arriving in Hawke's Bay. Unfortunately, her husband became very ill while they were exploring and she remembered that we had the local Health Centre details in the app. She only had to click on the icon and it instantly brought up Google Maps with directions to the Clinic, clinic hours, phone number etc. He received the urgent medical attention he required without any panic or stress from these out-of-town guests."

This real-life situation shows that recommended local services by your management and complete details for each, can assist people to receiving urgent medical attention they need immediately, whilst making the situation less stressful and tense.

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